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How to make a Rainbow style element

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Made By

I made this simple page to share and show how I created this Rainbow style element. Hope it's useful x I tried out a circle and flower too although the finish alters depending on the element used. Instead of metal you could use another element i.e. glass and have fun experimenting x edit: the element is now available as a png via my blog if you would like it.

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Project Information

  • Published on 9th March 2012
  • 1 Page
  • This project is  Public
  • Produced in  CraftArtist



cosybythefire on 9th March 2012
Thank you Heather for the lesson I will give it a go. I hope I can give myself a
Debbieko on 9th March 2012
Gorgeous Heather, thanks for it!!
KarenLewis on 9th March 2012
Gorgeous rainbow effect, Heather. Thanks for the tutorial - certainly one to play with.
wendyp on 9th March 2012
Thanks Heather. You can also apply a plastic effect with no colour fill to give a nice effect.
sandiec on 9th March 2012
Thank you for the tutorial will have a play later
Collector on 9th March 2012
Just had a play. Great results thanks to your tutorial.x
Will try wendyp suggestion on my results.
oldfinger on 9th March 2012
Wonderful Heather.Fabulous TUTMust have a play
norfolkbroad on 9th March 2012
Beautiful effect and great Tut! Thanks Heather.
dicraftaway on 9th March 2012
will try this when I get to know my way around all the buttons ect.
jennyjennyjenny on 9th March 2012
this looks fab will have a play with this after thanks I keep all these in a file for ref and find them really helpful xx