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Made By

This is my first time at doing a tutorial. I hope it is of some help. I don't know if this will work with every Dingbat but as you can see it certainly worked with this one.

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    Project Information

    • Published on 19th February 2012
    • 1 Page
    • This project is  Public
    • Produced in  CraftArtist



    KarenLewis on 19th February 2012
    Great little tutorial. I'm snagging it for my CA hints and tips folder. Thank you.
    bloggs on 19th February 2012
    Fabulous.....something new for works great
    Scottishgal on 19th February 2012
    Thanks for your kind comments. I have since discovered while trying this out on another Dingbat that you can also use the scissors tool to successfully separate one part of the Dingbat from another in order to colour them differently...
    susan56 on 19th February 2012
    well done
    rosabelle1944 on 19th February 2012
    Well done and a super clear tut.!
    Angelasgf on 19th February 2012
    Thanks for the clear tutorial.
    I am realizing that every dingbat indeed is different and what works for some doesn't work for others.

    For example...I have Piglet holding a flower as a dingbat. And above tutorial works on almost everything. Just 1 of Piglets ears and 1 of the petals of the flower stay white (after doing step 5).

    Like the road leading to your house. If you would want to colour the road in this dingbat tutorial. How would you do that?

    Thanks ever so much, I'm learning so much!
    Scottishgal on 19th February 2012
    I'm learning myself Angela as I do this, and I also have discovered that not every Dingbat lends itself to the above procedure as much as I might like it too.
    For example when I did this tutorial it somehow passed me by that the road was not coloured nor could I colour it using the procedure that worked for the rest of the Dingbat.

    So to answer your point - how would I colour the road in this Dingbat.
    I put a quickshape on the page coloured it and I then right clicked it and sent it to the back of the Dingbat. I selected the quickshape again and gave it a linear fill to make it appear nicer...
    You may also notice that the door of the house is green. That is because it is part of the grass in the Dingbat if you follow me. So to make a different coloured door you would have to make another little quickshape, colour it and place it on the appropriate layer behind the shell of the red house.
    I'm not the best at explaining things but I hope this helps...
    Kappy2 on 19th February 2012
    Great tutorial, thanks so much.
    Angelasgf on 19th February 2012
    Great to know that you also noticed it doesn't always work and not always on every single part of the dingbat (as the road and the door show). However, together we are learning a lot and finding ways of bypassing this.

    My name is Jacqueline btw but my username is Angelasgf (is in I am Angela her girlfriend). It is confusing I agree

    Thanks ever so much. This program is just teaching me so much and with all the great (video) tutorials and everything it is taking up way too much of my time...LOL!
    Algera on 3rd March 2012
    Great tutorial and info - Thankyou it's fab xx