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Making Frames Another Way

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Made By

I made this page for Lori to show her yet another way to get the effect she is after. Always more than one way to skin a cat!! ha ha. Page 2 & 3 have the written instructions. Hope some of you find it interesting as now she can't view in deep zoom I'll have to find a new way to send it so that she can actually read it lol!!

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wendyp on 2nd November 2011
That's how I would have done it Angie, but I was trying to do it the same as the video she found. Both ways are equally as good.
nannyanneModerator on 2nd November 2011
This is great Angie...I'll add this the the Members Tutorials list
polly.p on 2nd November 2011
This is Fabulous.I love how this has been framed and arranged. I never cease to be amazed at how clever you all
Rosie H on 2nd November 2011
Wonderful frames and tutorial. Fabulous.
Johanna on 2nd November 2011
Again the DT helpful spirit is alive and well...this is great..thanks to both you and Wendy....
Nanny Jean on 2nd November 2011
love this ! i am going to have a go now seen as i am off work brilliant angie thank you for sharing
wendy johnson on 2nd November 2011
great page, and thanks for the tutorial too, very informative.
JaneMarion on 2nd November 2011
Great photos and page, Angie - I vaguely remember my dad having a binder like that about 1940 or so - it must have been pretty old even then!!!! Thanks for the tute - very helpful

trulytango on 2nd November 2011
LOL - looks like this one got us all going today! Nice work, Angie... I did it a slightly different way and the result is a fan/group of intelligent frames that can be stored in 'Embellishments' and used with future pictures. I put a PDF up on my blog. TTFN
marc on 2nd November 2011
need to look this up so much to learn fab big love marc