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CSO filter in Photolab

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Made By

just a few fun things you can do using CSO filters in Photolab

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    Project Information

    • Published on 31st October 2011
    • 2 Pages
    • This project is  Public
    • Produced in  CraftArtist



    Rosie H on 31st October 2011
    Wonderful. Thanks for the clear instructions. I will have a play later.
    Angie Bailey on 31st October 2011
    Fab explanation Anita - thanks for taking the time to do it, it's much appreciated Another little gem to download and save to my computer I had a go but mine wasn't as good as yours - probably the picture I chose lol
    Algera on 31st October 2011
    Thankyou for these tips and advice - Brilliant xx
    susan56 on 31st October 2011
    ooh very clever
    LizzieBrachman on 1st November 2011
    Countrymouse on 1st November 2011
    Thanks for these great tips, it's much appreciated
    KarenLewis on 1st November 2011
    Fantastic Anita. Thank you so very much for such a clear explanation.
    Anniesmum on 1st November 2011
    Brilliant tutorial Anita. Very clear and easy to follow.
    Thank you lots Popping off to try it now
    oldfinger on 21st April 2012
    Only now found this Anita, brilliant TUT thanks