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Bonkers Memory

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I made this as I just realized that my ol' girl is 14, as I am turning 20 and I got her when I was 6. It makes me so sad to think that she may be near the end of her life, and when in tears one must scrap so I decided to make this one digital so I could make a nice journal. This is my first digital layout and it took me HOURS to figure out how to fade the pictures. I used the Enchanted kit as well as a free dog kit I found *I love my dog (xenawarrior?)* I would love some comments on what I can do to make it better as I would love to send it off to be printed and framed...especially after she passes. Thanks for looking.

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rainbow on 29th September 2009
A wonderful first scrapbook, loving tribute to Bonkers. You did a great job with the fade, the page is beautiful!!
harleygirlModerator on 29th September 2009
this is just beautiful and a wonderful memory page.. you have shared a lifetime with Bonkers, he is gorgeous...welcome to DT
supereve on 29th September 2009
what a super first page and such a tribute to your best friend. These are lovely pages and you have done them well. I love your journalling. Really well done....good pages
trulytango on 29th September 2009
Hi Kendra... your layouts are simply perfect. I can't think of anything that would improve them. It's lovely to hear that Bonkers (and your recently passed Mr. Kitty) have shared such a big part of your life. Try not to feel too sad, because although their lives are much shorter than ours, pets blessed with wonderful owners such as you, will live on forever in that very special place... your heart
lindalou on 29th September 2009
What wonderful first pages, I love your journaling and your life with Bonkers and they are so much part of our family its sad to think they will ever leave us, but the love he has had all his life from his best friend is fab, I think the pages are brill and would look wonderful framed, love the picof you both and the paw prints are fab, love it from me x
Angie Bailey on 29th September 2009
Well CONGRATULATIONS Kendra I too love both pages Your are obviously more computer literate than me. Faded photos on your first digital srap I hadn't even loaded the DVD that comes with the software when I did my first one a couple of weeks ago doh! and what are faded photos In just a couple of weeks I've learnt a lot and you will too and I think you will be giving all us newbies a run for our money!! Really don't think you could have improved it and what a cherished momento it will be become when the time comes for you to be parted. Hope that will not be some time soon and that you will be able to take lots more pics of Bonkers to add to that journal
rosanne on 29th September 2009
2 really nice pages - i particularly like page 2 with the excellent fading and the doggy quotes and the sentiments on page 1 are lovely.

Have you perhaps thought about aging the journalled paper a bit more - perhaps by roughening the edges with the rake tool (on the top bar) perhaps with a touch of feather edge (on the effects tab)? you might even try a page curl (instructions in the tutorials section of daisytrail) to give it a bit more of a textured 3D look.

Joyce on 29th September 2009
These 2 pages are absolutley awesome, especially coming from someone who is new to it. You have written straight from the heart.......makes one feel what you are feeling. And you'll always have these memories of her , both in your scrapbook and in your heart. Keep up the good work!
sunset on 29th September 2009
Lovely LOs and nice blending with those beautiful pictures!
elev on 16th April 2012
Lovely picture..two more sayings...Give a dog your heart and he'll tear it apart .....also Pawprints on my heart. I made a tribute to all my dogs...wonderful memories we shared.

Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears
But laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you,
I loved you so,
'twas heaven here with you