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Made By

I am gaining confidence in using templates, working in Pageplus and making use of the 'transparency' tool.

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Project Information

Featured Project
  • Published on 11th November 2008
  • 1 Page
  • This project is  Public



dean on 11th November 2008
I like this one - it looks like you should be able to open it up and view more pages - are you up for the challenge?
test55Moderator on 11th November 2008
I think you should have the confidence to let go of pageplus and just work in Digital Scrapbook Artist. I used transparency in DSA for the pictures of Forest and Bubba this one.

You can use either the transparency tool or for more options try the filter effects
Good Luck
rainbow on 11th November 2008
Thanks, both, for the comments. Test55, I'm happy using transparency tool in DSA to adjust the transparency of a photo but in this case I was using a downloaded template and needed to remove certain parts of the template so the background paper showed through. I can do that in DSA using the cut-out-tool (very clever) but, having had the software for only a week, it was quicker to do this in Pageplus which has been my trusty friend for many years!
Dean, I might just do that!
Debz on 17th November 2008
davedx on 17th November 2008
Nice photo in a great layout, really like this one
Trishwosere on 20th February 2009
Love it!
claires on 21st February 2009
Gorgeous - I am hoping to be able to produce pages like this eventually when I get my head around the software !!
sparky27 on 24th March 2009
Purple Pixie on 31st March 2009
This is the colouring