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Canada Goose

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Made By

Playing around with quick shapes again! The background is several photographs merged - those geese would not stay still! The portrait, far from perfect, was done by putting a layer over one of the geese, drawing a quick shape square around it, then editing the points. I used the scissors to cut across to make the areas to fill with different colours. I'm sure there are other ways - but the goose didn't complain. A few yards away from the geese is a motorway, this wonderful water park was created from the flood plain which had been excavated for the stone to build the roads - the geese love it and so do the humans!

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karenkr on 29th July 2009
I think it turned out great! The effort on the portrait was well worth it. I really like the flourish behind the text as well, too. Super page!
NewScrapperNYC on 29th July 2009
Looks like a very busy place. And I think the portrait came out really well. That must have taken a lot of patience!
amelia on 29th July 2009
And a good job you did our Hils,the portrait is looking pretty good to me hun, love this to bits xxx
nannyanne on 29th July 2009
Another one of your very clever pages merged the photos beautifully and I just love your goose portrait!
beachie on 29th July 2009
I love this page, lots of hard work gone into it with a stunning effect.The portrait is amazing, I wouldn't have thought that you made it yourself. A big love it from me
lindalou on 29th July 2009
Great effect Hilary your hard work has paid off, the merginig of the pics is fantastic and that portrait is so well done, love the wood fill for the easle, great page, love it x
harleygirlModerator on 29th July 2009
very, very clever Hillary, gets a love it from me.....the easel is brill with your goose on it
susans page on 29th July 2009
very creative layout and the easel is great
Nanny Jean on 29th July 2009
Very clever.... i bet you had a brilliant time making this Lo. well done i think its brilliant