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amelia and Daisy like this

Made By

Once upon a time,Buck,Tracks & Gap went out to play, then the weather changed.....

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Project Information




ochiba on 7th July 2009
This is why I love digital photo editing. Executed very well. The dog will probably be out to get you.
sparky on 7th July 2009
beachie on 7th July 2009
Awww, bless !!!! Great dog too, but really funny
lindalou on 7th July 2009
lol really funny page hope the dog doesnt see it x
Daisy on 7th July 2009
Ohh...this is so funny. I just love this Winter wonderland set....even if it is summer! great dogs.
Zhoo Zhoo on 7th July 2009
Hilarious but very wierd too!
angelmom620 on 8th July 2009
Aren't you the clever one!? Poor pups! Nice work.
amelia on 8th July 2009
lmao, i just love this, came across it just now, and i have to say, i needed a giggle, and this just done the trick, love the dog to bits lol, big loves from me hun xxxx
amelia on 8th July 2009
dogs ha ha xxx