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Perfect Day

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Mary Davies, teddio, cosybythefire and 2 others like this

Made By

OOooo I'd LOve To Do This Right Now!:) Thanks For LoOking & Your Kind Comments:)xXx

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    Project Information

    • Published on 19th June
    • 1 Page
    • This project is  Public



    Rosie H on 19th June
    Me too. Gorgeous page Ri.
    pitkin on 19th June
    Beautiful page Ri! x
    bluebarb on 19th June
    Oooh me too Ri, looks a great fun way to cool down
    Debbieko on 19th June
    Beautiful page
    cosybythefireModerator on 19th June
    bloggs on 20th June
    gorgeous.......yes it would be welcome...Thunderstorms coming Wednesday I think
    teddio on 20th June
    Oooh yes, can I join in too! I think it's going to be another scorcher today! Alf is sitting in the fridge!! Fantastic page Ri... love it to bits!! xx
    dollycathy on 20th June
    Fabulous looks very cool and refreshing
    Mary Davies on 21st June
    Fantastic page sis keep cool it won't be long now the weather is going to break soon while here it's getting hotter and
    kasper46 on 23rd June
    Beautiful page Ri.