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Harvey, 2 months old

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Made By

I expect every one must be getting fed up with Harvey by now,sorry about that! this was his first day at our house and so wanted to explore the garden. Wow! Thank you for giving me FP today...lovely surprise xx

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Project Information

Featured Project
  • Published on 4th January
  • 1 Page
  • This project is  Public
  • Produced in  CraftArtist 2



cosybythefireModerator on 4th January
Rosie H on 4th January
Awwwww! He is adorable.
sunsetModerator on 4th January
I love his expression though, I'm sitting here with my eyes crossed and my lips together trying to empathise with him. (Or it could be the last of the Yule log - lovely though it was). Great page!
focusoncards on 4th January
Oh he's lovely Wendy, I know what you mean about exploring, when we bought Olly home he tried to get onto the raised fishpond edge, but his little legs wouldn't reach, he did look funny. Olly sends lots of tail wags to Harvey. Is he a Springer spaniel I wonder.....Beautiful page, beautifully designed.
Brenda1007 on 5th January
He looks a real character. You've made a lovely page for him
Debbieko on 5th January
Beautiful page, cute photo
valrushton on 5th January
Gorgeous photo and page!
mjauuu on 5th January
Lovely page!!!
pitkin on 5th January
Harvey is adorably cute!! lovely page!!
buzzbee66 on 5th January
How could we get fed up of him! Gorgeous puppy and page