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mum and dad's wedding 2

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Made By

This is a revision of a previous LO. The story of how I came to have pieces of the material is unusual. Would value some constructive criticism. Have I made the page too cluttered? Thanks

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Project Information

  • Published on 30th April 2009
  • 1 Page
  • This project is  Public



harleygirl on 30th April 2009
personally i dont think you have, but it all comes down to our own personnel taste, sometimes less is more and other times its not... this is a lovely page if i was to say anything then perhaps more shadow. ie: the top journalling over the underneath one....hope this helps you
dawn.s on 30th April 2009
I'm no expert,but I don't think it's cluttered, love the story of the material, it's great to be able to include that, yes maybe a bit more shadow for depth.............but it's beautiful
Nanny Jean on 30th April 2009
I think its lovely , , now if it was my page i may of put a bit of shadow on the white paper to bring it away from the floral, you see we all have our different ways , that's what make each LO unique, its your page you did it and its you.! your other Lo was also very nice i don't think you should change them one bit well done ... i am still waiting to find out what the hearts were made from? lol or have i missed it
ann49h on 30th April 2009
Thanks for your comments. I have added some shadow and altered the material thickness of the paper which gives it almost a pillow effect.
angelmom620 on 1st May 2009
I think it's a beautiful page. It captures the essence of the era. A bit more shadow would indeed add depth, but it's lovely the way it is.
rainbow on 1st May 2009
It's a lovely page! love your story about the material. Your idea of scanning it in was inspirational!
SkuteModerator on 1st May 2009
That's fantastic how you managed to get the actual material from the dresses into the page - really adds something to it
Purple Pixie on 1st May 2009
Great journalling of how you came to have some of the material.....You've done a marvellous job of telling the story in the layout with both the journalling and use of the material itself.....Brilliant
beachie on 1st May 2009
I thought it was great the first time and loved the story of the material and using the material as a mat for the text
amelia on 1st May 2009
the only thing missing from this layout is a bit of shadowing, other than that, i love every thing about it, it's so lovely, and i am one of those people i love a bit of clutter, but this is not to cluttered at all,love it, well done