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harleygirlModerator on 6th April 2010
the effect is wonderful..looks like soft suede...beautiful work
annette r. on 6th April 2010
Does look like soft suede too. simple and elegant. just lovely.
Johanna on 6th April 2010
Agree with others....
ger on 6th April 2010
beautiful page,cant wait for your tutorial,tryed this yesterday but no joy
nannyanneModerator on 6th April 2010
Very nice indeed
imsoto2 on 6th April 2010
I think it is absolutely beautiful !
corniestModerator on 6th April 2010
That's absolutely gorgeous, Iris! Unlike your 'Pawprints' page, for some reason the embossing around the edges on this one stays resolutely sunk into the page and the text stays raised up. Now all you need to do is produce a 'suede effect' tutorial....
mmeador on 7th April 2010
Very nice great page clean well done
carol cooper on 7th April 2010
Lovely page iris very elegant
dorsetkarri on 7th April 2010
Stylish and subtle, love the effects and the muted vintage shades! This edging really does look sunk in..fab! I am off for another practice Thanx for your super help for us on this technique!