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Made By

A revamped page from September! I just couldn't resist entering this page as I thought it fitted the bill perfectly for the 'E' Alphabet challenge....sorry that it's so much like Wendy's example!! This is one of those pages that I got totally engrossed in...playing about in the Photolab of course. :) Another great challenge theme Wendy...thanks. x♥ LOL...and I've just realised that I was the last entry in the 'D' Alphabet challenge and the first one for the 'E' challenge.☺

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Project Information

  • Published on 25th October 2012
  • 1 Page
  • This project is  Public
  • Produced in  CraftArtist 2



nannyanne on 25th October 2012
This is my original upload on September 25th.

wickedred on 25th October 2012
Perfectly adapted its a brilliant page
DB52 on 25th October 2012
Great challenge page
sandiec on 25th October 2012
great page
marya149 on 25th October 2012
Super dodge page for the alphabet challenge!!
Debbieko on 25th October 2012
Fantastic page...lovin'it Anne
wendymoon on 25th October 2012
Brilliant page Anne
SunnyD on 25th October 2012
Wonderful page!
sunsetModerator on 25th October 2012
A good choice, Anne, love the bold effects!
lady_mags on 25th October 2012
Fantastic page