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Wild Horses.....

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Yvonne6, wendymoon, sunset and 2 others like this

Made By

A photo that I took at the wildlife centre just down the road from where we live. Kit used here is 'Winter Wonderland' - DaisyTrail ...using a few re-colourings with the palette supplied by Wendy for the challenge. Used 3 copies of the photo, one had the 'Threshold' filter applied and the white removed with the CSO filter then the black re-coloured - another copy had an 'Elipse' transparency and the 3rd copy I cutout the fence and put a shadow behind it. Two copies of the crumpled paper embellishment used, one under the frame and one over with most of it erased. Great challenge Wendy..thank you! x♥

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Project Information

  • Published on 7th October 2012
  • 1 Page
  • This project is  Public
  • Produced in  CraftArtist 2



Debbieko on 7th October 2012
Beautiful it!!
anntaurus on 7th October 2012
Such a beautiful page, plenty of work with the photo but it certainly paid off. Love how the note paper is under the frame and over the frame too.
SunnyD on 7th October 2012
I really must practice your techniques some more--they turn out so beautifully!
sunsetModerator on 8th October 2012
Fab, I love the colours and the effects - and the crispness of the horses in the distant centre. Love it
bloggs on 8th October 2012
wendymoon on 8th October 2012
rosabelle1944 on 8th October 2012
Yvonne6 on 9th October 2012
Great page, very creative
Irene008 on 12th October 2012
Love your effects