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Timeless wheels in motion.....

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The journalling reads: 'As a child in the mid 1960’s I used to earn a little pocket money cleaning our neighbour’s bright red Mini......I loved that little car and always thought that when I was old enought to drive that I would have a ‘little red Mini’ of my own. At Grammar school for my English language ‘O’level my essay was a story about my ‘18th Birthday’ present from my was a ‘little red Mini’ all wrapped up with a big bow!..........but of course that was just a story, a fantasy in my head. So here I am now many, many years later (with an English ‘O’ level!) but still no ‘little red Mini’ only a few photos that I took at a recent charity car run that my hubby and I went on tribute to the timeless, classic ‘little red Mini’! The photos are my own snaps and the kits that I have used are 'Robot Rust' - DaisyTrail and 'Biker' - Kreative Designs by Karen. Oh...and I drive a silver RAV4 now and on occasions a 5 ton yellow dumper!!...still waiting for my 'little red Mini'. x ♥

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Project Information

  • Published on 9th September 2012
  • 1 Page
  • This project is  Public
  • Produced in  CraftArtist



linitseed on 9th September 2012
Great page Anne. Brought back memories for me. I had a little (not red) mini. It was my first car and I thought I was sooo cool. Loved your story too.
jennyjennyjenny on 9th September 2012
I to had a red mini but pushed mine a lot fab page and story
my31 on 9th September 2012
great page
Cheryl C on 9th September 2012
That's a wow from me, brilliant page and at least the yellow dumper sounds like fun
Angie Bailey on 10th September 2012
Fab page Anne - love the journaling ha ha My little car was a Honda N600 and sadly I never took a photo of it grrrrr......
Debbieko on 10th September 2012
Fantastic page and it!!
SunnyD on 10th September 2012
Love the story, terrific page
Tish_TN on 10th September 2012
fab page and story
cosybythefire on 10th September 2012
My little car was a green mini (they were built more like tin cans) Basic seats and no padding on side of car. Gorgeous page and story
bloggs on 10th September 2012
Brilliant...I have owned 2 minis in my younger days and they were alot of fun