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Sisters - My effort at trying to follow one of the tutorials

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rainbow on 15th March 2009
This looks really good! Well done! Hope you feel proud of what you've achieved! I'd wanted for ages to be able to make photos pop out of frames but had no idea how to. I had a little chuckle to myself when I found out how easy it is in DSA!
jennynx on 17th March 2009
Good effort - I thought the tutorial was cool too
bengigirl on 16th April 2009
Great stepout, loks really good. Quite an acheivement
Daisy on 18th April 2009
I like this...I still havent worked out how to make photo's do that....back to that drawing board!!
Purple Pixie on 19th April 2009
Great page......havent tried this yet but will definitely have to have a go.....You've done a wonderful job with it, well done