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Dad and Bella

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I was hoping that this would overwrite the original version that I put up some months ago - so apologies to anyone who has seen it before! This is my father with his dog, Bella. In the original photograph he is shown sitting in his garden in North Wales, for the main picture I changed the background to a more recent version of the same view, taken at a different angle so that more of the mountain can be seen. As well as the obvious cutout, there is a lot of blending in this picture to make different foregrounds and the background all blend together. The addition is the copyright mark as I intend to add some of these pictures to my family history blog.

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lindalou on 17th January 2010
I remember the first one Hils, I loved that one, you have done so much work on the blending its seemless, I love that you have the original pic in there too, wonderful scenery and a fab pic of your Dad and Bella, big love it from me xxx
vlr0707 on 17th January 2010
Very nice, I too like the blending. I have been wanting to do a few with my Granny when she was but a child, just need to scan them in and get started.....another inspirational page, thanks.
Micheline on 17th January 2010
Beautiful blending. I love it.
angelmom620 on 17th January 2010
You know I love these family history pages of yours!! This is amazing work... the blending is perfection! Love that you have the original photo of your Dad and Bella on the page too. Big loves from me!
lizedwards41 on 17th January 2010
Beautifl page, lovely photo of your Dad with Bella. You've done a wonderful job on this.
Nanny Jean on 17th January 2010
this is lovely , what a difference it has made to the picture, you would think that was were it was taken,perfection on the blending also seamless, i know its time consuming but it has paid off, great page love it from me
Joyce on 18th January 2010
Splendid, Hilary.
harleygirlModerator on 18th January 2010
Beautifully done Hils, your father and Bella look fab in their coloured your history pages, keep them coming.
supereve on 18th January 2010
loved the first one Hils and you have made this even more like a complete photo with great blending. great work from you again luvvy.....well done
dorsetkarri on 18th January 2010
What a lovely LO,Hils - your Dad and Bella look so good in their modern background,which is so beautifully blended! I love the little original pic,too - a fab touch.