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my little party dance fun

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tudorose, Algera and heather99 like this

Made By

Still playing with Algera/Heathers fab new 'my little party' kit xxx... hope there's no blood on this page as I cut off the feet of the one on left and repositioned them to make her look like she was sort of doing ballet... recoloured background ...thank you for looking xxx

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Project Information

  • Published on 17th May 2012
  • 1 Page
  • This project is  Public
  • Produced in  CraftArtist



heather99 on 17th May 2012
Love the ballet dancer! Gorgeous page.
Algera on 17th May 2012
Brilliant - Surgery and scrapbooking all rolled into one! LOL
I Love your Idea for this and a Super page x
Jayo on 17th May 2012
Lovely page, interesting how many different projects can come from one digikit.
tudorose on 18th May 2012
All the cake has been eaten and now it's time for the dance floor. Does the DJ do requests Brilliant page Gill, love the ballet dancer too. Love thisxxx
wendy johnson on 19th May 2012
lol... have to agree with Heather, your surgeon skills are great