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Very amateur scrapper.

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DT closing!
17/07 at 12:46pm
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What will we do with all the kits that won't work in any other program?
jess serif
Community Manager

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17/07 at 12:49pm
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Hi nameless1,

Don't worry! CraftArtist won't cease to work... you'll still be able to use your digikits and software, we'll simply not be selling digikits from 31st July.

It's advised to create a back-up of your digikits and software though in case anything happens to your computer in the future.

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17/07 at 12:50pm
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I've been here since 2010 and I am gutted that the best scrapbook website is closing! Why?
Happy Scrapbooker

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17/07 at 12:53pm
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TEARS! This site has helped me get through the worst 2 years of my life! I can't express my sadness over loosing this site and no longer hearing from all of you, my friends, here and across the water!
Mary Davies
Sun's out

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17/07 at 1:04pm
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I am saddened by this news .....what happened to the new site we were promised...It was never going to happen I feel for those that needed this site to carry on with their lives in difficult times their the ones that are really going to miss it as we all will. I think my Thank you go's to the challengers that have worked so hard in keeping daisytrail going without you girls Rosie.Barb and Wendy this site would have died a long time ago a BIG Thank you to you girls for all your hard work.RIP daisytrail if you can
Feeling better

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DT closing
17/07 at 1:07pm
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Such sad news, you have all been so supportive of me too,. I was just feeling better and up to starting pages again.
I was going to put up a question about the new site as I have been absent for a while. So this is the answer.
Im the quite one of the family

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17/07 at 1:16pm
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Hi Jess, Is there anything we can do to stop the doors from closing ? We can't give up without a fight.
Happy Crafter

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gutted over this
17/07 at 1:17pm
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I cannot believe this
I would like to say to anyone who would like to stay in contact (I hope you do) inbox me and I will let you have my email address
I have used craft artist for a while and I am in the middle of yet another order of service for my aunts funeral this comes just 17mths after her hubby (I did his order of service too)
Happy Scrapbooker

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17/07 at 1:22pm
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Gutted, and on my Birthday too. This site has made me feel part of a community even though I have never left my house. Everyone here is so incredibly kind and generous in they're comments and suggestions and help if anyone needs it. So so sad,

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17/07 at 1:25pm
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Knew this would happen as it was taking so what are we supposed to do...All the friends you've made.. the support.. the learning....It's like been cut off from your family and even having your right arm cut off......I've been a member since 2009.and it has helped me through some really bad times also.....