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jess serif
Community Manager

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Website Update
20/03 at 3:51pm
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Hi everyone,

We’re aware that you’re all eagerly awaiting news of the new website so we thought it was about time for an update.

In terms of the new website we're working on it tirelessly, I'm desperate for it to be launched just as much as you are (maybe even more so!) and we really had hoped it was to be launched by now. Unfortunately we've experienced numerous set backs along the way that we've had to overcome and continue to work on overcoming.

As you'll all know DaisyTrail is more than just a shop, it's a community, a blog, and a gallery too and quite simply it's been a much more complex task than expected. We don't want to launch a website that's nothing more than perfect so we won't be launching until we feel the website will deliver you all something you deserve and desire - unfortunately it's just going to take a little more time.

So we just want to thank you all so much for being patient with us, the end is within sight, we just need to iron out some wrinkles and add a few more embellishments to the website before it’s ready for you to see.

In the mean time though we’re continuing to work on delivering increasing amounts of crafting content for you.

Rosie H
Gone ..........

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20/03 at 4:20pm
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Thank you Jess for the update. I quite understand how complex it must all be. It is nice to know that the end is in sight. Really looking forward forward to seeing the new website in all its shining glory. Just letting us know every now and again how it is going would be great.
Happy Scrapbooker

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20/03 at 4:24pm
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Hi Jess,
Thank you for the update. I know that it is a daunting task but the updates really help us to know that it is coming along. I am very excited as I know others are as well. Thank you for letting us know what is going on...
Tra n Good Luck

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20/03 at 4:32pm
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Why are you I missing something? I like this the way it is.......
Mary Davies
Sun's out

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20/03 at 4:33pm
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Thank you Jess for the update I think we all appreciate the fact that these things take time...hopefully it wont be too long must be very hard work for you all and I am sure we all appreciate the time and effort you are all putting into it..
Happy Scrapbooker

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20/03 at 4:38pm
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Thank you for the update Jess
Yorkshire Lad growing old

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20/03 at 5:18pm
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Hi Querberus,

>> I like this the way it is.......

I can only guess that you haven't experienced the difficulties that the rest of us have encountered when uploading projects or photos, commenting on pages, posting to forum threads or even just viewing things on the site!


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20/03 at 5:24pm
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Thanks, Jess

Posts: 14219
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20/03 at 6:01pm
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Hi Jess

Sorry to here there are more delays with the new website, should we be concerned that DT is showing as http and not https and not secure or encrypted, here and in the shop?

This site is old and on its last legs, it would be costly to repair and cheaper to build from scratch a new responsive or adaptive site that works with all devises.

Yorkshire Lass

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20/03 at 6:19pm
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>>Sara, should we be concerned

Hi, I'm getting a notice up each time I open daisytrail saying it is not secure I'm on Mozilla Firefox.

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