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Hospital Visiting :(

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Tutorials by Daisytrail Members
31/01/2011 at 11:03pm
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1. Using DSA2 stencils like a cookie cutter Kindly created by Lon (Pilotlon)

2.Tinting Tutorial (DSA2 and CAP) Kindly created by Rodders

3. Basic Vintage Photo Improvements (DSA2 and CAP) Kindly created by Rodders

8. Create a Frame, Palette and Paper Kindly created Anne (nannyanne)

9.Focus on Threshold Kindly created by Anne (nannyanne)

10.Embossing Part 1 Kindly created by Iris (trulytango)

11.Embossing Part 2 Kindly created by Iris (trulytango)

11a. Alternative Embossing Method Kindly created by Wendy (wendyP)

11b. Embossing Technique adapted to work with CA2 Kindly created by Scottishgal

12. How to Make 'Glass' Kindly created by sewardj1

15. Word Art Frames Kindly created by Karen (Karenlewis)

16.Puzzle Template Kindly created by Cammy (mrs_milly)

17. Turning A photo Into A digistamp by Sara (summersara72)

18. Turning A photo Into A Line Drawing by Sara (summersara72)

19. Jottings about Filter Effects Kindly created by Annie (elderflower)

20.A Quick Shape lesson Kindly created by Hilary (sunset)

21.Mosaic frame from duff photos Kindly created by Angie (Angie Bailey)

22.Using the CSO filter to extract colour in Photolab Kindly created by Anita (bloggs) (Some other useful tips in THIS THREAD too! )

23.Making a 'stack' of Frames Kindly created by Wendy (wendyp)

24.Making a 'stack' of Frames - another way! Kindly created by Angie (Angie Bailey)

25.Stacked Frames Kindly created by Karen (countrymouse)

26. Page Curls - How to create Various links to members instructions put together by Karen (countrymouse)

27. Designer Digikit - 'How To' A collection of page tutorials by Daisytrail Members (Lots of fab hints & tips!)

28. 'How to...' Build a Page - by Daisytrail Members.

29. How to Colour a Dingbat Kindly created by Scottishgal

30. Folding Box Kindly created by Wendyp

31. Fun with Line Drawings and colouring a Dingbat Kindly created by Iris (trulytango)

32. Rainbow Style Element Kindly created by Heather (Algera)

33. Putting Quickshapes and Fills to work! Kindly created by Iris (trulytango)

34. Making Masks with Dingbats Kindly created by Wendy (Wendyp)

35. Quarter Fold Notelet Instructions Kindly created by Karen (countrymouse)

36. Using the Transform Tool Kindly created by Wendy (wendyP)

37. Partial Frames Kindly created by Wendy (wendyp)

38. Fun with Photo Mask Frames Part 1 Kindly created by Karen (KarenLewis)
PLEASE NOTE: These tutorials were made in CraftArtist; the first half of Part One is only useful for the original CA as CA2 does not have the Serif Transparent Bitmap facility. However, the method Alfred suggested, and I used from 09.13 should still work with CA2, and the Part 2 video (Janine's method) should work fine with CA2 - and is my preferred method, most of the time.

39. Fun with Photo Mask Frames Part 2 Kindly created by Karen (KarenLewis)
PDF version of the above 2 tutorials (Direct Download)

40. Photo Frame Mask Kindly created by Rosie11

40a. How to make a mask frame in CA2 - Kindly made by Anita (bloggs)

41. Making Background Papers from 2 photos kindly created by Gill (seaside crafter)

42. Text in columns and shapes Kindly created by Wendy (wendyp)

43. Cupid Heart Frame - PDF download Kindly created by Karen (karenlewis)

44.Create a 'Bunting' brush Kindly created by Iris (trulytango)

45. FX Tile & Cropping into 4 Equal Parts Instruction(PDF) Kindly created by marya149

46. How to make a scalloped circle kindly created by Wendy (wendyp)

47. Troubleshooting tips for changing Blend Mode and Transparency kindly created by Lynda (Anniesmum)

48. Alpha Frame Fun PDF Kindly created by Anne (nannyanne)

49. More Fun with Text Frames Kindly created by Anne (nannyanne)

50. Fun with Filter Effects PDF - Kindly created by Karen (KarenLewis)

51. Converting / Exporting CA2 to SVG - Kindly created by terri

52. 'Comic Book' filter fun - Grungy/Arty page Kindly created by Anne (nannyanne)

53. Colour changes using Masking in the Photolab Youtube video by Anne (nannyanne)

54. Alternative Method for Compound Frames kindly created by David (dov)

55. Filling in an embellishment Kindly created by David (dov)

56. How to open multiple PDF docs in CA2 from a Craft disc Youtube video by Anne (nannyanne)

57. Video Tutorials by Lynn lots of great tutorials on Youtube by LynnG (CA1)

58. How to put an photo 'into' an embellishment Video on Youtube by Anne (nannyanne)

59. Eras Blend Tutorial Kindly created by Rosie11

60. Scalloped Edge Kindly created by Rosie11

61. Frame Tutorial Kindly created by David (dov)

62. Digistamp colouring and paper piecing in CA2 Kindly created by Lynda (Anniesmum)

63. Quick and simple OOB tutorial Kindly created by Anne (nannyanne)

64. Creating Embossed Letter Press Styles Kindly created by John (johbloodw)

65. Blending Photos Into a Background Kindly created by John (johbloodw)

66. How to make flairs or badges tutorial Kindly created by Scottishgal

67. Collage Stamps Kindly created by Lynda (Anniesmum)

68. How to make a ribbon kindly created by Wendy (WendyP)

69. Custom Drop Shadows (realistic) - Kindly created by Iris (trulytango)

70. Typography Art Effect with CA2 PDF download - created by Anne (nannyanne)

71. Some settings for a Transparent 'Emboss' style (Graphic Style)- created by Anne (nannyanne)

72. How to make lockets
...and another 'How To' on frames - kindly created by Angie (Angie Bailey)

73. How to convert a .psd template into layered .pdf for use in CraftArtist kindly posted by Iris (trulytango)

74. Lightening and Fading a photo kindly posted by Sam (littlebrownhen)

Tutorials by DaisyTrail Members - No.2

If you have a tutorial you would like to share here just send me the details in a PM and I'll add it to the list

Hospital Visiting :(

Posts: 22718
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Example Pages
31/05/2011 at 1:45pm
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Clicky links for Example Pages of some of the tutorials above:

No.8 Frame,Palette and Paper No.9 Focus on Threshold

No.10/11 Embossing No.15 Word Art Frames

No.16 Puzzle Template No.18 Turn photo into Line Art

No.21 Quickshapes No.22 Mosaic frame from duff photos

No.23 Using the CSO filter No.24 Making Frames

No.25 Stacking Frames No.26 Stacked Frames

No.31 Folding Box No.30 How to colour a Dingbat

No.32 Fun with Line Drawings No.37 Transform Tool

No.38 Partial Frames No.41 Making BG's from 2 photos

No.42 Text in columns and shapes No,46 Scalloped circle

No.52 Comic Book filter fun

Nanny Jean
Next !

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Focus onThreshold
31/05/2011 at 2:47pm
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I cant remember doing this one, i have looked and cant see it, must have a go over the weekend when i get more time, looks like ill need a lot of that i think.. lovely page

ahhhhh now i know why i was on holiday.
Scrapping is Fun!

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31/05/2011 at 2:57pm
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I remember the "Frame,Palette and Paper" challenge. Took me a while to figure out what photo to use, but after that it was such a learning experience, and my first win at a challenge!

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01/06/2011 at 12:20am
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Thanks for doing this Anne - great idea and saves a lot of time scouring the forums for help xxx
Just Scrapping :)

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01/06/2011 at 9:09am
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Thank you so much. This is really useful x
Eileen Satchell
Software Geek

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01/06/2011 at 11:46am
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This is just great to find tutorials listed like this, thank you I know this will be used a great deal by many members.
J Renn
Happy Scrapbooker

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01/06/2011 at 8:01pm
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Thank you for these, they are great all in one place. I have printed off your Frame Palette and Paper and your Threshold one, also Rodneybegg's and trulytango's quite a while ago and have tried them all out. They are super in PDF format. I can look at them by my side while I'm doing them and find this much easier.Thanks Joan

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01/06/2011 at 9:42pm
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I've spent the whole day trying some of these out--great fun! Thanks for putting them together for easy reference, and thanks to all for sharing their skills.

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can i turn a backingpaper in to material so i can cut it
02/06/2011 at 5:22pm
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Hi i am very new but can any one point me in the direction of a tutorial or can tell me if i can turn a backing paper in to a material so i can cut it thank you for any help sorry i am very new to computers so dont no were to look

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