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  • stevenroni in HELP with printing posted at 4:11am

    Thank you all so much. I never would have thought of that. I'll give it a try.

  • SunnyD in It won't let me buy kits posted at 12:48am

    Sometimes it takes a little while for the credit card to go through completely, I had that happen yesterday and just waited a bit, then they were ready for download

  • Anniesmum in Sorry not been around posted at Yesterday at 11:19pm

    It is an important decision and only you can make it. However everyone I know who has had it done has been really pleased.The thought of these things is often worse than havin...

  • So very happy that your surgery is over and you are on your way to recovery. wonderful to have you back.

  • nannyanne in No Views posted at Yesterday at 8:59pm

    We haven't had any for a while Hils.....since the time before last that the 'Uploading to the Gallery' broke.