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What's happening on DaisyTrail...

  • nannyanne in 'Inbox' not working posted at 10:25am

    Anita have you logged out and then in again to see if that helps?

  • summersara72 in CAP download posted at 10:05am


    If you've uninstalled the CD version on your PC's that will remove the authorization and you can then give the CD program to your granddaughter, along with the installati...

  • Yes, Alfred, I realized afterwards that you weren't talking to me on that one.

    And I figured out the problem! I only had the context toolbar showing, so there was NO sele...

  • Algera in Upload to Challange posted at 5:17am

    Hi, here's a link to useful info ref challenges
    challenge entry guidance

  • elderflower in Punches posted at 2:05am

    >>edit: forgot to mention - you don't have to convert your typed letters to bitmap/picture before cropping. It is still a font, so that you can select another font.