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  • Hi Anita did you have a good night out too. glad you slept well..xx

    Cathy glad you have your new laptop keep those puddycats xx


  • rosabelle1944 in WINNERS - Random Challenge 20 posted at Yesterday at 11:07pm

    Congratulations to all the winners especially Cathy! xx

  • elderflower in Free Kit: Cornflower Meadow posted at Yesterday at 9:18pm

    havn't been here much in the past few days - have just discovered the lovely cornflowers kit, and even love-in-the-mist in there. And I noticed cluster...

  • DJG in Exporting as SVG posted at Yesterday at 3:55pm

    I had that problem but it was because I hadn't selected the file and it was trying to save the whole page. Make sure you have the file selected then do Export as picture and w...

  • phillipsp in Logging in. posted at Yesterday at 12:49pm

    I get the same as Hilary, from home page where adverts are, have to sign in again.
    If I click on shopping at top of page, then digikits, shows, this page cannot be displayed?...