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My February

Hi there ,

I'd like to invite you to an other series of challenges.

Some of you have already scraped January and now the second month of the year is nearly over.
Surely all of you have collected wonderful photos and moments to create a scrap page for February?
For that, you could use photos from special occasions or moments, add some journaling, something remarkable, something you want to remember, pictures of places where you've been, pictures of especially good days,...

...and at the end of a year, you'll have a kind of "personal-monthly-scrapbook-diary".

The only requirement for this challenge is the topic "My February". You can scrap it in any way you like.
IMPORTANT! The word "February" has to be somewhere on your page! I wan't consider any pages, those who don't fulfil this requirement, in the rating for the winning pages.

The challenge will end on wednesday the 20th march at 9p.m.(DT-time).
I don't want to pick a winner myself, so I'd like to do a vote in the forum.

Oh, and everybody is invited to take part in the challenge. You don't have to have made an entry for the My January challenge or so.

I'm looking forward to your wonderful memories pages.



My February

My February

Uploaded by DianeMac on 03/03/2013

My February. Spent with some of our other 'family' in Uganda. A great place to be... Photos my own, taken in February. Elements from 'Mangrove' BG from African Safari with photos blended and effects added. Thanks for the challenge and thanks for looking x
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