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Movie Challenge 11

Challenge will close on Friday, 21st July at 9:00 pm (UK time)

Saturday night at the movies.
This is a series of weekly challenges featuring a different movie title each week.
This is your chance to be the Director, Producer even the Star if that takes your fancy.
Interpret it any way you want. Take inspiration from the title, a scene or a song ... even a quote from the movie, just have fun and then scrap your re-make.

The only rule is that you don’t use any images from the original movie.

The Oscar winner will be announced on Saturday morning when the next challenge will be set.

This weeks movie is:


Example Page:


Once you have finished your page upload it to DaisyTrail, click 'Share this Project' (to the right of your page) and then select 'MOVIE CHALLENGE 11’ from the Challenge Drop Down Menu. Finally click 'Enter Challenge'.

Hope you enjoy the challenge, just have fun.

Barb - (bluebarb) xxx
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