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Imagine That 17

Challenge will close on Wednesday, 24th May at 10:00 pm (UK time)

This is a really simple challenge designed to let your imagination run wild.

There are no rules, as such, just a prompt in the form of a title.

This time the title is:


You can interpret this in any way you choose.

My Example:


Once you have finished your page upload it to DaisyTrail, click 'Share this Project' (to the right of your page) and then select 'IMAGINE THAT 17' from the Challenge Drop Down Menu. Finally click 'Enter Challenge'.

Hope you have lots of fun!.

Rosie xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


A Strange World

A Strange World

Uploaded by Debbieko on 11/05/2017

Imagine That 17 Challenge. Thank you so much Rosie for choosing my page for challenge win. Thanks everyone for your comments and congrats...
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