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Our Natural World 8

Closing date is Wednesday 31st May 2017 at 13:00 GMT

This month scrap: OUR IMPACT ON OUR WORLD

As humans we have both positive and negative impacts on our world. Create one double page layout (your choice of size) and on it share a negative impact on one side and a positive impact on the other.

My example page shows a negative impact of disappearing habitat and a positive impact of habitat creation. Your page can be a direct opposite like my example, but it doesn't have to be, it can cover two different topic areas.

Add text/photos if you wish, use any colours, style of scrapping…

(Please note that if you use a photo by someone else, please ensure it is okay to do so.)

As always the most important thing is to have fun.

I'm looking forward to seeing your scrapping, Natasha

My page!


Upload your page to DaisyTrail. Click “SHARE THIS PROJECT” underneath your page description. Select “Our Natural World” from the Challenges dropdown menu. Click “Enter Challenge”.


A Cautionary Tale

A Cautionary Tale

Uploaded by Rosie H on 01/05/2017

My second attempt at Natasha’s challenge. I hope this is OK. This is the cautionary tale of Yellowstone Park. I am summarizing the story here because not everyone can read the pages. Fearing that wolves were killing too many elks, the humans in charge of Yellowstone decided to eradicate them altogether. They got their wish, the elk population prospered but at a huge cost. Overgrazing destroyed young tree saplings and caused erosion of the riverbank. Deprived of their food source, the beavers left. Without beaver dams, the rivers ran too fast and the otters left, along with many water birds. On land the coyote population exploded, the rodent population and the pronghorns all suffered as a result. The overgrazing of the elk deprived the bears of a vital food source and their numbers declined too.

Luckily in 1995 a group of more enlightened humans decided to re-populate Yellowstone with wolves. Thanks to conservationists there was a wolf population for this to happen. Wolves had been wiped out in most of the US but happily some people had protected enough wolves for an intensive breeding program. After a fairly short time after the wolves returned to Yellowstone, the ecosystem started to recover. It is now flourishing thanks to the wolves and the humans who saved them.

Thank you for the challenge and thanks so much for looking. xxxxxxxxx
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