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Our Natural World 4

Closing date is Tuesday 31st January 2017 at 13:00 GMT

This month scrap: My Nature Resolutions 2017

This months challenge is inspired by doglvr49's November, Our Natural World, layout description.

"Next year I'm planning on planting more butterfly-attracting annuals hoping to see more varieties."

What new years resolution will you either take for nature this year or would like to take if you could? Scrap them.

Add text/photos if you wish, use any colours, style of scrapping...

(Please note that if you use a photo by someone else, please ensure it is okay to do so.)

Have fun and I look forward to seeing your pages, Natasha

My Page!


Upload your page to DaisyTrail. Click “SHARE THIS PROJECT” underneath your page description. Select “Our Natural World” from the Challenges dropdown menu. Click “Enter Challenge”.


My Nature Resolutions

My Nature Resolutions

Uploaded by Rosie H on 30/12/2016

Credits to Snickerdoodle. Thank you for this fabulous challenge and thank you for looking. xxxxxx
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