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Important DaisyTrail Announcement

Posted: 17th July   Category: DaisyTrail News   By: jess serif

To all our much loved and loyal members,

After an incredible 9 years it’s with huge sadness that we have to tell you that DaisyTrail is closing its doors.

Our crafting journey began in 2008 and over the years we’ve been on a fantastic adventure – from the launch of Digital Scrapbook Artist and the DaisyTrail shop in the early days to the development of the CraftArtist software range in more recent years.

Over the years we’ve released over 1,500 digikits and introduced over 40 designers and brands to our DaisyTrail Family. We’ve built up an amazing community of crafters and have always enjoyed viewing all the great projects you’ve created and loved hearing about the ways you’ve used our software, sometimes in ways we’d never even considered ourselves.

So what happens now? All users will have 30 days to download all their digikits. After this time accounts will no longer be accessible. The DaisyTrail website, including its gallery and forums, will be closed from 11th August 2017.

From today we’ll be discounting all our in-house digikits to £1/$1.50 with many of our third party designers providing huge discounts too. In addition to our existing content we also have brand new content that we’d planned to release in the coming months available to purchase at a discounted price too which we hope you’ll enjoy as much as our designers did making them for you.

From 31st July 2017 we will no longer be selling the software or digikits. Between 31st July and 11th August 2017 you’ll still be able to download all your digikits before site closure.

We would request that you download and back-up and content you have purchased over the next 30 days to avoid any disappointment in the future.

Our DaisyTrail team will be on hand in the forums answering any questions you may have and will be available to provide support right up until site closure so if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact them.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our talented in-house and third party designers which have supplied us with so much fantastic content over the years keeping the fun and passion of CraftArtist alive with our hundreds of thousands of users. It really has been a phenomenal journey.

The only thing left for us to say is thank you to all our loyal customers and members. Thank you for your loyalty. Thank you for sharing your scrapbooks with us, for letting us get to know your loved ones and see your treasured memories. And thank you getting involved in our community, and becoming part of the DaisyTrail family. Thank you for 9 fantastic years.

With love and thanks from the DaisyTrail team,












Mary Davies
I'm lost for words what happened to the new site we were promised.
Oh no!! I can't believe this. I am sooo sad!
Such sad news, if it hadn't been for this site I would never have gotten into digital scrapbooking, I would like to thank all of those who have arranged all the challenges past and present for all their hard work, I know I have not participated as much recently but I greatly appreciate all the lovely comments I have received and the FP's I have had and for choosing my pages as winners for some of the challenges I have entered. I wish you all well in whatever the future holds for you x
Very sad news xx
How do we know which kits are online and which are already on our computers?
I'm literally dumbfounded by the tragic news. I'm so so sorry to see it go. The pleasure that its brought many of us over the years has been phenomenal. I know I can speak for everyone here, that we are sadly going to miss each other. Thanks you to all involved in all the challenges, it's been great fun and for all the support and comments from everyone. Love you all, Kasper46.
SAD; theres nothing else to say really.I thought we were just going to upload your new site to add to this one ,how wrong was I .
Where are we going to find another site that has great challenges and the most helpful members? Really upset by this news.
Really saddened I read this with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes, I can hardly see to type this out
I think this is very very sad...I will be lost without it.
Oh no! This site has provided me with such inspiration I am deeply saddened to hear this news. All I can say is s huge thank you and wish everyone that is connected to all the very best in whatever you do next
So very disappointed in you, leading us a merry dance for the past year or so about a new site coming. We all fell for it and continued to spend our good money. Shame on you.
I can't believe this is happening!
I'm sorry that DaisyTrail is going and I hope that all involved at Serif have new roles or new places to go. I have a question concerning support for Craft Artist. Having invested a lot of money in kits, will CA still be supported? What happens when operating systems update etc. etc. Will CA still work?
I'm so sorry to hear this. I have loads of your digi kits and love them all.:-(
is it possible to still buy craft artist 2 professional by disc?? as I have ordered a new computer and would like to transfer some of my kits so I can keep using them. and my computer will not be here until end of august?
Baby Alpaca
No, what are we going to do without you. You were my inspiration and joy. This is dreadful news. Good luck to you all and very many thanks for everything Love Miranda
NO!! I will be lost without all the support and online friends. Hoping another site will become available that will promote member participation. Does anyone know of another site ???
eileen sutcliffe
can we backup what we already have as in the past when I changed my PC and tried to download my kits they hadn't been backed up so I lost some of them, because of the time line, do we loose all we have now when we change Laptop, if so shame on you
Wow I am in shock
I am stunned!!! I love the digikits from here! Some extremely talented artists. Where can we buy from in future that works with Craft Artist?
I am stunned!!! I love the digikits from here! Some extremely talented artists. Where can we buy from in future that works with Craft Artist?
So very sad to read this, but i think we all knew it would happen when the new site kept being put back. This is the second forum that I have been a regular member of to close it's doors over the last few weeks. ....I am gutted
I would like to see you release 10 free digikits as a goodbye for every member. Please xx
WHY??? Is there any chance that this decision can be reversed? Some of us have invested heavily in the artwork that you have made available to us frmm very talented artists! What happen now? Will Craft Artist cease to be supported? What went wrong? We were promised an all singing all dancing new website??? I think you owe us answers at the very least!!! DebsB
I Cant Believe it!!!SO SAD, Wish It Could Stay As It Is To Keep Everybody Together!Will Miss Everybody Greatly,The Ups & downs,The Laughs, Encouragement The Challenges.If Anybody Thinks Of A Site OR Forum Were We Can All Move To THAT Would Be Great!
this makes me very sad.
this is such sad news, and as Cheryl said, eventually Craft Artist will become obsolete....and we all know how important the software is to ALL of us. WHAT WE NEED TO DO IMMEDIATELY IS START A FACEBOOK GROUP THAT WE CAN ALL JOIN AND POST OUR PAGES AND INTERACT WITH ONE ANOTHER. HELP ONE ANOTHER AND NOT LOSE THE FANTASTIC FRIENDSHIPS AND ENJOYMENT WE ALL HAD. let me know your thoughts on this....think it will be amazing not to lose this wonderful group.
Rosie H
I feel betrayed and totally disgusted by the way you have treated us. Many of us have put a lot of hard work into this site and for what, to be treated like "legacy" products ourselves. It is with great sadness that I read this news, but at the moment I feel too angry for the sadness to sink in.
and our amazing kit makers can continue to make their wonderful kits and post the link on FB as it is a non no problem....think it will be grand!!! Facebook is the way to go.
I cannot believe we will be losing our Daisytrail! Truly very sad news and to lose all the amazing Artists and Friends would be such a great loss to us all so I would totally agree on a Facebook Group where we will still be able to support each other and have links posted on Kits and so on. I hope somehow we can all follow up on this and not lose all xx Best Wishes To All ~ MidnightAngel xx
Oh no such sad news!!!!!
Oh no such sad news!!!!!
seaside crafter
Why is this happening after promises of a new website ???????????????????????????
Join me over at a new Flickr Group where we can share our layouts, chat and keep in touch.
We have two licenses per disc. What happens now when we have entered our license number twice before?
Like everyone I am stunned. What will we do now without this site. I love my craft artist and would hate to be without it. I love the digikits too where will get those from now. I am devastated.
Really going to miss this. not just the amazing digikits, but the community too. i wish you all well in your future adventures.
This has come as a total shock, I use CraftArtist everyday for all my projects, but I am also concerned like Gillc regarding the license number, I had a problem with this when I changed my pc a year ago how will we deal with this type of problem in the future?
Oh no what are we to do without you and all the incredible digi sets we can download and use. I am totally gutted as your kits make such a difference in finishing off our cards. I wish you all luck for the future but really I am going to miss you all.
Firstly, apologies if this appears twice from me, as it would seem that the site is already having problems and my previous comment wasn't posted. I can only agree with Bluebarb and others who have said "shame on you". The decision to close the site must have been taken a while ago so why not show a little more respect to all of the dedicated users and give more notice of the shut-down date. Although I have never been a regular contributor (I mainly use digikits for card making), I have always taken great interest in everyone else's projects and have at times found inspiration in them - thank you, everyone! I guess we will all now have to be a bit more resourceful and find our own way around now. It may be a challenge, but I have always loved a challenge!! Good luck to you all.
Thank you for all the information, beautiful digikits and inspiration over the years. I will miss this site. I wish you all luck in the future.
Hi - I was shocked to get your email and am so sorry to hear the sad news. I have been using the site since 2009, back in the days of Scrapbook Artist 1, and have always bought the latest version when it was issued - you helped me deal with the disability I developed which stopped me taking photo's. Although I don't enter many of the competitions or post much, I will really miss this site and it's team. A while ago when I asked Serif about the next version of Craft Artist, they suggested that people were moving to PagePlus (????). Is the intention to provide access to existing digikits through Affinity Page when it arrives or, if not, to provide a tool to convert the digikits into a format that can be used with Affinity - like many members I have invested a lot of money in digikits. I hope that Serif will continue to employ you all and I wish you all the best for your futures.
Oh what a shock, i to look at other projects people have done for inspiration.Your kits make a big difference to my cards. I wish you good luck for the future in all that you do. i to will miss you. xx
Gutted to say the least !!!!!!?????
I feel very sorry that Daisy Trail is ending. I have so enjoyed digital crafting and it has introduced me to desktop publishing so that I made a success of an influential Newsletter. It has been so easy to use, much easier than other digital systems and, to close it down, I think it is a very sorry decision. Good luck to everyone.
So very sad at this, best luck for the future whatever it brings. Thanks to everyone who have given me inspiration with their beautiful layouts, will miss these so much.
Sorry this is what you need to do. I wish you all the best with whatever new adventures you all embark upon.
wow I am speechless, this is so very sad. wish you all the best
I am really annoyed that you out right lied. You were making a new website? CA was not a legacy product ? You were going no where and continue to buy craft kits because it's fine you will still be supporting CA? All lies... you knew that when CA was made a legacy product your days were numbered and you lied to sell as much as you could before you closed. I think you have treated the people on this site very badly.
I'm shocked as well. I've been a serif customer for many years and love to use the legacy programs, craftartist is easy to use and has many great digikits, I've bought loads over the years myself. Is this a case of Serif dumping all the ex software and only concentrating on the new affinity range. Can we expect a fantastic new affinity craftartist 3.0? or is it thanks for all your support TTFN! It would seem to me that Serif are trying to rid themselves of all the "legacy" customers and trying to win the new customers over with their new affinity range. I'm going to try and get some of the discounted digikits, I still have a couple of special offer emails that I will look at and purchase depending on whether they will be discounted any more, who knows. it seems a shame that all these doors are closing. I have enjoyed being part of this family, I haven't posted much but use the program for printing cards and stuff and will do for the foreseeable future. I hope all the DT staff are well looked after and given new roles within the family.
I would like to thank you for providing this wonderful site for as long as you did. I am very sad to see you go as the inspiration you provided helped my creative juices flow. I was just getting the knack of scrapbooking and enjoyed the community you created greatly.
Princess Luna
Leading people on to believe there was a new web sight was just plain wrong. And giving people a 30day notice to download the works before its all gone is worse. I live in the country with only 100gigs, and my daughter used it all up within 2 weeks I have to wait until next month, by then it will be too late, even if I had the time I will have to use up my dada I only got a 100 gigs a month and it cost me 150.00 month for 100 gig data, sometime signal gets buggy to and I'm without internet, especially with the forest fires in BC if it get in the path of my Satellite signal I'm out of service for a while, It bites big time to have such short notice to backup, while my internet is in life support mode... I also feel for those on vacation, they are going to be very disappointed to return and find out you site is out of service and shut down, it would be worse if they did not back anything up either. Hope they do not have a crash... Does not help people getting a new computer, computer crashes, or waiting for their repaired computer to arrive. The notice being last minute is disrespectful, especially when people have other matters to deal with as well. Have you respected all daisytrail supporters and followers, you have given notice earlier, giving a fair amount of time for people to properly plan their goodbyes and give them more time to prepare for a backup. To be honest I think it would be courteous in the situation to compress the digikits people paid for into one file and email their kits directly to them. Especially to those who are unable to back up in time... So sad to see you all go, hard to give a proper good bye, when you are so rushed to leave.
It's a real shame that all this time and effort, and all of the wonderful happenings on this site will just become a fading memory...I really hope that another site will develope, and that some how Daisytrail will make a comeback!!
I am really upset love this site I can not understand why this has to happen will there be another site to replace it
jess serif
Hello all, it really is a sad situation which I can assure each and every one of you that my team here at DaisyTrail are deeply saddened by. I would like to stress that every single statement we have released about the website, our software and the future of Daisytrail has always been honest and truthful to our personal understanding at the time. This has been as much of a shock to the Daisytrail team as it has been to members. We have 3 staff members who have kindly volunteered to stay on until the end in order to provide members with support as they feel a sense of loyalty to you all. I would ask that whilst some of you are angry at this news, to please bear in mind the humans behind the site and to treat them with respect at this equally tough time. Both myself, Amy and Charlotte are on hand throughout the coming weeks should you wish to ask us any questions or queries.
So sorry to hear this
Who was it who made this decision and why?? It all seems so strange and sudden
Kate Musgrove
@Gillc Ash has provided more information [url=]on this forum thread[/url]
Kate Musgrove
Opps try again!
Thank you Kate. 🙂
heather penman
So SAD.... But a big Thank You, all that work on this site. Wish you all the best, and lets hope that one day you will return????????????
I'm quite clearly only one among many who find it strange to say the least that we have received only apologies but no explanation for the site closure. Come on, people, try to give an honest answer, please.
Please see our forum for a full explanation from our Managing Director Ash
I've just made this facebook page for those of you to use to post your projects on and links to any digikits you think other members may be interested in. Also looking for admins.
Can anyone give step by step instructions on how to backup the digikits??? Will Craft Artist still work with the digikits if they are backed up and saved? I'm lost.
Can anyone give step by step instructions on how to backup the digikits??? Will Craft Artist still work with the digikits if they are backed up and saved? I'm lost.
bestgranny. Yes CraftArtist will still work if your digikits are backed up and saved. Your digikits should be saved in a folder called 'My Digikits' in your 'Documents' folder. If you select all your digikits you can right click 'Copy', find the place you want to make a copy of them and then right click 'Paste'. This will duplicate all of the digikits. If you need additional help visit our Community Plus Forum
i take it we will still be able to use the initial set up as I use this a lot and have collected many over the years I have backed them up into a documents folder but will disc and system still work? sorry if I confuse anyone lol xx