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Jacket Card Tutorial

Posted: 10th May   Category: Create your own projects   By: Louise R

Jacket Card Tutorial

This jacket card is really easy to make, especially since we’ve put together the craft file you, complete with guides to help you with your design and folding!

Step 1: Download the template, and open it in CraftArtist.

Jacket card step 1


Step 2: Add your digikit of choice, we used the brand new Free Spirit kit because we love the papers, and the embellishments are perfect for the design we want. 

Step 3: Add your background. I used a fairly plain grey background, and I’ll be adding and cutting materials in the next step to some colour and pattern.

Jacket card step 3  Jacket card step 3a


Step 4: Add your materials, using the folding guidelines for reference. I used the the crop and scissor tools to shape the materials.

crop  scissor

Jacket card step 4  Jacket card step 4a


Step 5: Add your embellishments. I added a bowtie and buttons to the inside centre, as well as jacket buttons to the front right, and a pocket-style embellishment to the front left.

Jacket card step 5  Jacket card step 5a


Step 6: The folding guides are a bit dark against the finished project, so I converted these to white so that I can still use the guides, but they’re less visible on the finished project. You might need to do this too, depending on your background colour. At this stage I also hide the Labels layer, so these aren’t printed on the final card!

Jacket card step 6  Jacket card step 6a 


Step 7: Copy any embellishments you want to blank page 3 of the CraftArtist file.

Jacket card toppers


Step 9: Print the finished card so that pages 1 and 2 are double sided, and page 3 is standalone.

Step 10. Score and fold the card, before cutting out the standalone embellishments and attaching using foam pads, to make these raised from the card.

Jacket card finishes

Like this a lot!
Great idea and would be super for Father's Day and weddings etc too... Thank you
This is so useful and versatile. Thank you so much for all the work you have put into this for us to use !