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Meet the Designer: Becks Roberts

Posted: 3rd May   Category: DaisyTrail News   By: Louise R

Ultimate Men Banner

The regularly requested, and eagerly awaited, Ultimate Men Collection is now just a few days away! As we count down to the release I thought I’d help the time pass a little quicker, by talking to the DaisyTrail designer behind these fantastic kits!Becks

Hello Becks…



Let’s get straight to it! The DaisyTrail community have been asking for content with a more masculine feel, how did it feel to be tasked with the job of bringing that to life?

It was a bit of an honour actually, I always keep up to date with the forums and can see what the community are asking for, so I knew this was a pretty big deal for everyone. As far as creating a whole collection, we usually split them up between the 3 designers, so we might do one kit each, but this time I was asked to do the whole collection myself. It’s a large task and it’s time consuming work. I’m not going to lie, it was a bit daunting knowing I had so much work and such an important collection ahead of me, but I had some really good ideas and was excited to bring them to life!


Tell us about your design process. How did you go from the brief, to the four finished kits?

Firstly, I split the ideas I had into different catagories, I wanted to make 4 separate kits but intended them to all sit together well so that they can be compatible. So, I brainstormed what I thought would be a refreshing take on modern male design. I knew we had covered vintage themes for men, so it was important to me to create something fresh and new for the customers!


What materials did you use for the kits, and which is your favourite to work with?

All the illustrations were painted with watercolours but I added a few more graphic elements to the kits with fine liners and ink to add a modern touch. I love to work with watercolour the most because they are so fast to paint with and really versatile, you can get so many different effects by using a variety of techniques.


Where did you get your inspiration for the kits from?

Well, I really focused on the feedback that we gained from the DaisyTrail community and wanted to deliver a really modern set of kits, a little bit different to what we have made before. I researched modern greeting card trends and blogs and made moodboards for each of the planned kits.


I know it must be hard to pick, but which of the kits was the most fun to create?

It is really hard to choose, but I think that Budding Explorer was the most fun to create! I painted dinosaurs and rocket ships and had loads of fun with the bright colour palette.


And following on the from previous question, what was the biggest challenge?

I think the scale of the project was the biggest thing to overcome, I time managed myself and set deadlines for each kit. I have such a huge pile of illustrations on my desk from all of the artwork that was produced, I am really proud of myself for getting it all done in time. I was so conscious that I wanted to get these kits to everyone in time for Father’s day and I am really happy with the outcome. I just hope that I have delivered kits that have something in them for everyone!


Final question, to help out anyone that’s not seen the sneak peeks over on Facebook, can you sum up the kits in just 3 words (I know this is a tough one – sorry!)?

Modern, bold and fun!

The Ultimate Men Collection will be launching later this week, keep your eyes peeled for the big announcement that the kits are now available!

Well done Becks, they are fantastic! Xx
Really interesting interview. I love hearing how the kits are put together. Looking forward to seeing The Ultimate Men Collection. I'm sure it will be fab!