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Spinner Card Tutorial

Posted: 10th April   Category: Create your own projects   By: Louise R

Spinner cards are so much fun to make, and really very simple too! All you need is your normal card crafting supplies, and a couple of pennies! This tutorial uses the brand new DaisyTrail April Showers digikit.

What you’ll need
•    CraftArtist
•    April Showers digikit
•    2 sheets of A3 card
•    Cutting board and craft knife
•    Foam pads
•    Double-sided sticky tape
•    Scissors
•    2 pennies

Step-by-step tutorial

Step 1.
Open CraftArtist and start a blank project, using the Tent Card A5 folded option. Add the April Showers digikit

Step 2.
Start a second CraftArtist project, following the same steps.

Step 3.
On Project 1, add the front and rear backgrounds, as well as backgrounds and the message for the inside of the card. That’s the project 1 file complete, everything else will be done in project 2.

Spinner card step 3

Step 4.
On Project 2, add the landscape material, and position it so there’s a white border to the top and sides, and then crop the bottom to match.

Spinner card step 4

Step 5. Use the Shapes tool to add a rectangle, rounding the edges using the slider on the left-hand side. Alter the rectangle size to 0.75” high, and 8” wide.

Spinner card step 5

Step 6. Design the rest of the card, I added clouds, a rainbow, and balloons, and a message. Order the embellishments so that the rounded corner rectangle is the topmost layer. It doesn’t matter if any of the embellishments leak into the white border, because this will be cut off after printing.

Spinner card step 6

Step 7. Add the topper balloon, size it, and then copy and paste it to page 4, before deleting the original from page 1. That’s the design complete!

Spinner card step 7 Spinner card step 7

Step 8. Next you need to print the project. Project 1 needs printing double sided onto A3 card, and project 2 needs printing single sided.

Spinner card step 8

Step 9. Cut out the card, including the slot, and also the balloon topper.

Spinner card step 9

Step 10. Place a foam pad in the middle of one of the pennies, and stick the two coins together.

Spinner card step 10 Spinner card step 10

Step 11. Slot the coin into the cut out rectangle, and then attach the balloon to the coins using double sided sticky tape.

Spinner card step 11

Step 12. Attach foam pads to the back of the card front (I used 8)

Spinner card step 12

Step 13. Your card is finished!

Spinner card step 13 Spinner card step 13


Beautiful! xx
Super TUT and beautiful card. Thank you.