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Pop-Up Book Card Tutorial

Posted: 6th February   Category: Create your own projects   By: Louise R

This card may look like a typical 5” x 5” card, but open it up and you’ll find a pop-up book, making it the ideal card if you have a lovely inside verse you want to feature. 

I created my Pop-Up Book Card using the stunning Elephant Memories digikit, and here's how I made it:

What you’ll need
- CraftArtist
- Elephant Memories digikit (or another kit of your choice)
- 2 sheets of A4 card
- Cutting board and craft knife
- Glue / double sided sticky tape

Step 1. Start by creating a blank project in CraftArtist, using the basic 5” x 5” side fold card template.

Step 2. Design the front and back of your card. For pages 2 and 3 add backgrounds only. The pattern / texture you choose here will only be visible behind the pop-up book, so there’s no need to do a detailed design.


Step 3.
Open up another blank 5” x 5” side fold card template.

Step 4. Add the same background / texture to pages 1 and 4, that you added to pages 2 and 3 previously.

Step 5. Now you need design your ‘book’. To begin with add your open book pages to 2 and 3. They need to be 3” x 3”, and positioned in the centre, vertically. To the outer edges you need to add two rectangles, these form the height of the ‘book’. I used a plain pale yellow texture. These rectangles need to be 0.5” wide, and 3” high. It should look something like this:

Inside layout

Step 6.
Add the content to your ‘book’. And then that’s your design finished!

Finished card

Step 7.
Print both your projects onto A4 card.

Step 8. Cut out both cards, and then pop the one with the front cover design on to one side.

Step 9. Now you need to cut and score inside of the card. Use the guide below, scoring where I’ve highlighted in purple, and cutting along the red lines. 

Cutting and scoring guide
Here is a photo of the finished card from above, so you can see how the end card will look with the lines scored and cut.

Card from above

Step 10.
Stick the two pieces of the card together, matching together the outer edges. Be careful during this stage not to glue / stick behind the main book area, or the top and bottom sections immediately next to the centre fold. Here is where I applied double-sided sticky tape.

Tape guide

And that’s the card finished!

Card front

Card inside

Love this x
I'm going to try this tonight! Really cute :daisy:
That's the best how to I've seen for a pop up card, thank you. You've explained it in such a way that I can envisage me actually making one instead of my usual "Oh. That's lovely, wish I could do that". Thank you.
Looks lovely