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Valentine's Day Scratch Card Tutorial

Posted: 1st February   Category: Create your own projects   By: Louise R

Valentine’s Day presents in the shops tend not to stray far from chocolates, mugs, and teddy bears. This year I wanted to get my husband something a little bit different, so I’ve made him a little book of scratch cards. One to redeem on Valentine’s Day, and 5 more to redeem later (because who says romance is just for one day of the year!).

If you want to try making scratch cards, here's what you'll need:

- CraftArtist
- Your digikit of choice (I used Love By American Crafts)
- 6 sheets of A4 card
- Laminating pouch / plastic sheet
- Acrylic Paint and brush
- Cutting board and craft knife
- Glue
- Hole punch
- Ribbon / thread

Step 1. Open CraftArtist and start a blank project using the 4” x 6” scrap template.

Step 2. Add your digikit! I used Love by American Crafts because I love how bright it is.

Step 3. Add in all the pages you need for the project. I wanted to make 5 scratch cards, so I needed 12 pages (2 for each scratch card, and a front and back cover). 

Step 4. Design your cards! The finished scratch cards have a bottom layer (with the full design and message on) and then a top layer (this forms a frame for the scratch off middle layer). Here is what my finished design for a single scratch card looked like.

Valentine's Scratch Card Valentine's Scratch Card

Step 5. Once you've finished all your cards and the cover, you need to print it all out. You can use the ‘Fit Many’ option when printing to save card (I used 6 sheets in total for 5 scratch cards, and an extra sheet for the covers).

Valentine's Scratch Card

Step 7. Cut out all the card pieces. The back layers will all be 4” x 6” rectangles. The front layers will need the heart cutting out of the centre.

Valentine's Scratch Card

Step 8. Painting! To create the scratch layer, paint thin layers of acrylic paint onto your plastic. I used a laminating pouch which I pulled apart to get two separate sheets. It took around 5 thin layers to provide the level of cover I wanted.

Valentine's Scratch Card

Step 9. Once the paint is fully dry, cut out rectangles of the painted plastic big enough to cover behind the heart cut out.

Step 10. Assembly! Apply glue to the rear of the plastic and stick this over the message area (I used a spray adhesive). You then need to add glue to the rear of the front layer of the card, and stick this over the scratch area to seal in the scratch off layer. 

Step 11. Once all the cards are glued and dried, hole punch the corner of the cards, and bind. That’s it – you’re done!



A really great idea - thank you. Also a very detailed and well written tutorial too.