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Crafting with the Party Animals!

Posted: 25th January   Category: How to's   By: Louise R

Party Animals is the latest DaisyTrail digikit collection, and to celebrate its release I’ve been busying myself in CraftArtist making some cards (and a party hat!) using the new kits.

Aperture Card using Terrific Tortoises

I really like the effect of using an embellishment on the inside of the card, so the first card type I tackled was an aperture card, using the 5” x 5” card template in CraftArtist.
This card was really simple to do. I used one of the frames included in the digikit to create the area which I will later cut out. I also made sure to positon the embellishment which I added to the inside of the card to the front during the design stage, so that I could get an idea how the finished card would look.

Terrific Tortoises digikit 1

If you’re cutting out from the front of the card, the embellishment needs to be on page 3. I used the ruler in CraftArrtist to ensure that the embellishment on the inside would line up with the cut-out on the finished card.

Terrific Tortoises digikit 2

I wanted the Party Time tag and the inside tortoise to stand away from the card, so I printed these separately, to attach to the card using foam pads.

Terrific Tortoises digikit 3

And that’s it for the design! All that was left to do was print out the card (it needs to be double-sided), cut out the frame centre on the front of the card, and add the card toppers.

Here is the finished card. I add a little bit of glitter too, because everything is better with glitter!

Terrific Tortoises digikit 4


Cut-out Folded Card using Flamingo Fancy

This card took just minutes to make – perfect if you’ve forgotten someone’s birthday and need a card in a hurry!

All I did for this one is add a background to the front and back pages, and then cropped the background on the front so that it covered less than half the card height.

I then created my own design using the fantastic embellishments available, but there are toppers included in this gorgeous kit if one of those takes your fancy! I also added a ‘Happy Bird Day’ layer, which I will attached to the finished card using a foam pad.

Flamingo Fancy 1

Once I'd printed my finished card, I scored and folded it, before cutting around the design, this ensured the card had the same shape on the front and back. And that’s it! Super quick to do, and a nice take on a regular folded card.

Flamingo Fancy 2


Cascade Card using Gorgeous Giraffes

This cascade card is a twist on the tri-fold template. I used the 5” x 5” template.

The first thing I did was add a horizontal guide 2” down from the top of the card. I used this to help me create a diagonal line, using the pencil tool, from the two centre edges, to the outer edges of the card. The purpose of these was to act as a cutting guide for the finished printed card.

I then added another guide, vertical this time, to the centre of pages 3 and 5. These weren't strictly necessary, but were helpful to make sure I organised the materials how I wanted them.
Here is my finished design for pages 3,4 and 5. I used the scissor tool to angle the materials.

Gorgeous Giraffes 1

And here is the overview of all the pages within the project, and the blank project I used for the embellishment I adding to the front of the card.

Gorgeous Giraffes 2 Gorgeous Giraffes 3

Here is my finished card, all scored and folded. I attached the embellishment to the front using glue.

Gorgeous Giraffes 4


Party Hat using Elephant Memories

I absolutely love this party hat, and can’t wait until my birthday so I can wear it! It didn’t take long to make either!

All I did was add a background material to an A4 landscape template, and then use the Shapes tool to add a Quick Ellipse. You get the shape shown below by using the slider on the left-hand side of the shape, to change the angle. I also added a little topper to attach to the finished hat using foam pads.

Elephant Memories 1 Elephant Memories 2

Once printed all I did was cut out the hat shape, and roll it into a cone. I secured it using double sided sticky tape. I then made a small hole on each side to attach ribbons to tie the hat with, and stuck on the topper.

I then decided to add some ribbons to the top of the hat. To attach these I tied together a small bunch of ribbons, and cut a tiny hole in the top of the hat to poke these through. I added a little bit of tape to the inside too, just to secure the ribbons further.

And below is the finished hat!

Elephant Memories 3


Love these, great ideas :)
Mary Davies
These are amazing and such fun to make....Thank you for sharing your talents again.xx
Loving the kits and these ideas are brilliant!