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10 Days of Christmas Crafts! Day 5 - Create your own Christmas card game!

Posted: 19th December 2016   Category: DaisyTrail News   By: jess serif

It’s officially less than a week until Christmas day! Are you all prepared and ready for the big day? I’m made my famous Christmas gravy yesterday ready  (well I say mine… it’s a Jamie Oliver recipe that I swear by each year!).

So how about a handmade game for stocking fillers or maybe even to put inside crackers! Linda has created this fantastic “Two of the same” card game.

Linda’s used a variety of Kate Hadfield digikits for this tutorial however pretty much any digikit can be used.













To make the card game it’s so simple….

-       - Use the “Gift Box 2” template in CraftArtist and decorate as you wish - adding some instructions to the back of the gift box using the text tool too would be a good idea!

-       - Print and assemble

-       -  Now you’re ready to create your cards, simply open an A4 page and add a quickshape rectangle-we’ve sized our quickshape to create cards measuring 3.75 x 2.25 inches.

-       -  Use the ‘Stamp mode’ to create multiple cards … you need to make as many as 50 (two of each card) so make sure you copy the page to create enough cards.

-      - Next you need to add your characters or items, you’ll need to make two identical cards for 25 designs in total.

-      - Print off, cut out and get playing!

This would be a fantastic game to play with the little ones after Christmas dinner!

Maybe you can think of your very own unique card game?





What a great idea.....'Happy Families' comes to mind using family photos on the cards! x
I'm going to make this today!