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DaisyTrail Digikits - now with extended commercial rights!

Posted: 26th February 2013   Category: DaisyTrail News   By: jogaskin

Hi everyone,

Since 2008 when we first started creating digikits to go with our crafting software, we have often received queries regarding the commercial use of our kits.

DaisyTrail veterans will know that we have revised our License Agreement a couple of times to try and meet the needs of our customers, with the most recent version offering Angel Use for all our kits.

Well, further to this, I'm pleased to say that we have now decided to offer our customers extended commercial rights when using any DaisyTrail or CraftArtist branded digikits.

This excludes the free kits and any kits created by our third parties. DaisyTrail free kits are still covered by the Angel Policy.

In a nutshell, this means that:

• You may incorporate any of the digikit contents into an original work to publish, display, distribute and commercially exploit in any media.
• You may not sell the Digital Content available in any form detached from the Original Work.

To make these terms clear, we thought it might be an idea to answer some FAQ's that you can keep on file:

1.    Can I create my own digikits to sell or give away for free using the CraftArtist or DaisyTrail kits?

As the creators of the graphics, Serif and DaisyTrail own the copyright for them and we do not permit the distribution of them as individual items in any form (this would include, for example, providing a download to an individual element on your website, or creating a page of stickers using the graphics to sell). You can, however, use the graphics as part of a design (original work) to sell or distribute in any form.

2.    Can I use the digikits to create items like cards, templates or party crafts to sell?

Yes. You can now create an unlimited number of physical or digital items like cards to sell with our digikits. You may also get those items professionally printed if you wish. You cannot provide those designs as separate graphics to another person, however. For example, you could design a wedding invitation and have it professionally printed, but you cannot give the separate elements of the invitation to your client.

3.    Can I use the digikits to create items such as leaflets, web banners or brochures for the promotion of my business?

Yes. You can use our digikits to promote your business in any form. You may also get those items professionally printed if you wish. However, you cannot use the graphics as part of your business branding or trademarks and you cannot distribute individual graphics to a third party. They must be part of an original work as a flattened image (e.g., a JPEG).

4.    If I create something using the graphics from a digikit, does that mean I own the copyright for it?

No. We retain the copyright on all graphics created and sold by us as we are the original creator of them.

5.    Can I use the graphics from a kit on my website or blog?

Yes. There are restrictions on this however: the graphics must be contained within a flattened image (for example, a JPEG), and they cannot be made available for download separately or sold.

6.    Can I use the graphics to create my company logo or trademark?

No. You cannot use the graphics in any way to form part of your business branding.
As with all License Agreements, ours does contain more terms, so I would advise you read it fully before using the kits in a commercial sense.

Click here to view a PDF of our new End User License Agreement (EULA). This is accepted by you when installing any of our digikits. This new EULA applies to all our DaisyTrail or CraftArtist branded digikits from now on (including old kits which contain an older version of this agreement).

If there is anything you are not sure of, please contact our DaisyTrail support team for advice.


Wow...what a lovely 'treat' for today...thank you DaisyTrail. x♥♥♥ Will make my digital life a whole lot easier that's for sure! ;)
This is a generous policy - thank you very much. :-)
This is great news. Thank you so much. :-)
Thank you very much. Even for personal uses, esp. with more personal presence online, it was hard keeping straight where and when. (ʘ‿ʘ)
This is Great news, Thanks Daisytrail x
That's terrific news Thanks DT x x :D
Hi, still confused! can you use the elements from the kits as part of a design to sell as digi download cards to sell to a website please?
Oh happy day. So glad I decided to look again
Thank you very much appreciated.
wow glad I saw this ,its a very generous policy.
Very generous indeed. Thankyou.