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Changes to how DaisyTrail works

Posted: 4th February 2016   Category: Site Updates, DaisyTrail News   By: jogaskin

Hi everyone,

In the last couple of days, we've had a bit of an issue with spam posts appearing on the forums.
Thank you all for bearing with us while sorted it out.

The main thing to make you aware of is that from now on, only members that have been active for 48 hours will be able to post on the forums. Although we realise this isn't ideal, it is the best solution for the website at the moment and will hopefully stop the spam.

All new members will be able to post to the gallery, read forum/blog posts and buy from the Shop, but they will not be able to post on the forums for 48 hours.

We would really appreciate your understanding in this and apologise for any inconvenience.



New features

Posted: 26th July 2010   Category: Site Updates   By: pwarnes

Hi all!

Here at Daisytrail HQ we've been busy working on lots of new exciting features that we hope will be very useful to you all.

The most recent of these features is a change to how the 'next' button works on scrapbooks. Before this button took you to the users next scrapbook, regardless of what context you was browsing the scrapbooks in. Many of you informed us this wasn't particularly intuitive and we agreed, so we've fixed it for you!

The next button will now persist the context that you was browsing from, so if you are in the gallery and viewing the most recent scrapbooks, the next button will take you to the next most recent scrapbook. If you're viewing you most liked scrapbooks, the next button will show you your next most liked scrapbook... you get the point :]

Please let us know if you find any problems with this new feature or if you have any ideas on how to enhance it further, we're always happy to hear any and all suggestions on how to make Daisytrail better for everyone.

Stay tuned for more exciting features :]


DaisyTrail Server Changes!

Posted: 28th June 2010   Category: Site Updates   By: asomerfield

Hello All,

In the next day or so, we will be moving DaisyTrail to a new set of servers. Hopefully this will sort out the majority of the funny problems we've had recently with new scrapbooks not uploading or taking a long time to show up for other people.

We hope that you won't notice the change - if everything goes smoothly that should be the case - but if we have any problems with the changeover, the website might not be available for a little while.

Also, while changing over servers we're taking this opportunity to release some nice updates to the site:

  • We've fixed the "blurry scrapbooks" problem people were having when using the deepzoom viewer - this will fix newly uploaded scrapbooks along with all the scrapbooks we currently have :)
  • We've added some useful new ways to view recently uploaded scrapbooks. You can now choose to see "Recently uploaded scrapbooks which have no comments yet" and also "Recently uploaded scrapbooks from new users (first uploads)".

There are a number of other features we're currently working on but they're secret for now :D




Changes to the shop pricing

Posted: 19th April 2010   Category: Site Updates   By: joprior

Hi guys,


We have transferred anyone that does not live in North or South America to our UK/EMEA database. This is due to some issues that members were experiencing. Therefore, anyone that does not live in North or South America will pay in UK £.


Many thanks,



DaisyTrail Update

Posted: 10th December 2009   Category: Site Updates   By: davedx

Hi all,

Over the past hour we have introduced some important behind-the-scenes changes to the way DaisyTrail works. The changes we made will help us roll out future updates more easily; there was also an issue with the gallery filters (Most Loved, Most Viewed etc.) that has been steadily getting worse over the past few months that needed fixing before the entire gallery imploded.

We have lots of exciting plans for DaisyTrail and look forward to further developing the website to make it more usable and interesting to you guys. As always, if you have any ideas or suggestions by all means post them on the forum - we do read every suggestion and take any criticism or feedback seriously.

Have fun DaisyTrail scrapbookers! :)


DaisyTrail Developer


Share your Scrapbooks on Facebook

Posted: 21st April 2009   Category: Site Updates   By: davedx

Hello all,

As Dean noted in his helpful forum post a few weeks ago, sharing your Scrapbooks with friends and family is easy to do using the 'Share this Scrapbook' link on every Scrapbook page.

Today we have added another way of sharing your Scrapbooks - on Facebook, the social networking website. If you're logged into Facebook, clicking the 'Share on Facebook' link on a DaisyTrail Scrapbook page will let you post it either to your Facebook Profile or in a Facebook message to your friends.

We hope you find this feature useful for sharing your Scrapbooks. Letting you show off your creative talents is what we're all about!!