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14 Day Scrapbook Challenge

Posted: 27th June 2016   Category: DaisyTrail News   By: Sarah Attenborough

14 Day Scrapbook Challenge!

The 14 day scrapbook challenge begins today! Laughing

The idea behind the challenge is to create a page matching the theme we’ve set for each day. You can join in as much or as little as you like! There’s no commitment to create a page for every single day.

It’s just a bit of fun and a way to get the creativeness flowing in our great crafting community!

The themes for each of the 14 days are as follows;


Day 1 - A cherished memory

Day 2 - A favourite holiday

Day 3 - Someone you love

Day 4 - Your inspiration

Day 5 - Your Family

Day 6 - Your home town

Day 7 - A pet or favourite animal

Day 8 - Something old

Day 9 - Greatest achievement

Day 10 - Memory of a loved one

Day 11 - Something you did today

Day 12 - Your favourite colour

Day 13 - All about me

Day 14 - A celebration


Any questions, just ask!

Enjoy!  Smile


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CraftArtist 2.1 Update now available

Posted: 20th June 2016   Category: DaisyTrail News   By: jess serif

Hi everyone,

We're really pleased to announce that a new update to the CraftArtist 2 software is now available (version This patch will provide some much needed fixes and improvements and will also bring you some fantastic new content in the form of 80 new punches & stencils too!

Please see below for an in-depth list of improvements and fixes we've made to the CraftArtist 2 Professional software...


  • Improvements to the functioning of 64 bit scanning.
  • Introduced the ability to install a digikit and launch the software by simply double clicking on a Digikit .pack file.
  • A new "Import Digikits" feature can be found in the File menu to install pack files from within the software. This can be used to bulk install digikits.
  • A new "Manage Digikits" feature recycles your old/unneeded kits from within the program and is found in Tools > Options > Manage Digikits.


4 New Stencil/Punch Categories

  • 20 Corners
  • 20 Toppers
  • 20 Tags
  • 20 Banners

Ten new blank templates

  • 6x6 & 5x5 in Regular
  • 6x6 & 6x6 facing in Scrapbook
  • 6x6, A4 and Letter in Side Fold Card
  • 6x6, A4 and Letter in Tent Fold Card



A tooltip displaying the digikit name can be found when hovering over an item in the content tab (e.g. an embellishment) to help easily identify the source digikit.

Digikit Browser:

  • Improved search category lists
  • Removed unpurchased content from appearing in the digikit browser, now only your installed digikits will appear.
  • Digikits can be added to the “My Digikits” folder while the software is running and can be used immediately.

Digikit Creator:

  • When a digikit is saved, the software now offers to create materials from backgrounds automatically (if there aren't any materials currently in the digikit).
  • The software now prompts you to create a layout if there are no layouts (to serve as a preview in the digikit browser).
  • The ability to move to between assets in the creator by using the F2 and F3 keys.
  • Tagging now suggests the most popular kit tags for you to easily select from.
  • Tagging suggests a pre-populated list of colours for you to select from.
  • When tagging, left & right arrow keys select whole words (and automatically inserts whitespace at the last position if necessary).
  • Now allows the pasting of multiple tags, with automatic de-duplication.
  • Autocomplete tagging is now available via a popup listbox, where <Up>, <Down> and <Enter> keys work in the textbox to add the word.
  • Tagging commits when text box loses focus, so there is no explicit "add" or "delete" step, this should make it a bit quicker.


  • Format Painter: Allows multiple uses of the Format Painter (<Shift>+<Click> to activate)
  • Pen tool: Now able to adjust control handles (as well as line nodes) when editing as you draw (with the <Ctrl> shortcut).
  • Select Tool: Hover selection outline of semi-transparent images much improved

Further improvements: 

  • Save a documents settings and item defaults. These are now serialised with their documents, so each document remembers its own defaults.
  • Default for text within a QuickShape updated.
  • Layers tab can now be scrolled by dragging items towards the top and bottom edges.
  • Screen text and icons should no longer be unreadable on modern High DPI screens.
  • Transform tab allows positive and negative rotation, as does the arrange menu.
  • Updated hintline text for icons on Arrange and Align tabs.
  • Page Setup – You can now use the arrow keys between categories (and to navigate to custom)
  • Ruler colour now darker where the selected item falls, for clarity.
  • Page Up/Page Down scrolls through document pages.
  • 'New Craft Project' inherits last document page type much like CA1.
  • Cut-Out-Studio “Keep Original” tries to insert new picture above the original for manual decoupage effects.
  • CraftArtist now features a ‘drop indication’ when re-ordering pages.
  • Default for stencil is now to allow 2 stencils to be used at once, and not clip outside the first lifted stencil. Pressing <Ctrl> gives old clip-outside behaviour.
  • Absolute Mouse mode support for HUION and other tablets.
  • Align tab: allow 'Spaced' option for just two items.
  • Saving as a JPEG has a more sensible default quality setting.
  • Improved PDF Import: PDF from HP Scanner software, Format not valid/not supported has been fixed.
  • Units in Print preview have been updated to match work area units.
  • Check for update from Web now available when no documents are open.
  • Using “Format > Fill” with nothing selected edits the default fill for the object, like “Format > Line” does.
  • Dialogs menus and other UI: Access Keys added
  • Autocorrect replacement words have been updated
  • Automatically throw away "small" clipping holes when converting to a frame.
  • Import from File on Customise Edit Button Dialog now allows PNG.
  • <Shift>+Run-Up will now work as well as <Ctrl>+Run-Up, (irrespective of OS) to help reset user settings on Windows 8 + Windows 10 where <Ctrl> is already repurposed on Desktop shortcuts.


We have also unfortunately had to remove the upload to gallery function from within the software, as many of you will be aware we have had various problems with this function over the past few months which have proved to be irreparable. This function has now been replaced with the ability to export your project ready for upload to the DaisyTrail gallery manually through the website.

To install your patch, if you haven't already been prompted to do so in the software, simply click "Help" > "Check for Update from Web" (please note you'll need to have an active internet connection) and follow the on-screen prompts!

We hope you love this new update and content as much as we do!