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Halloween Crafting!

Posted: 28th October 2013   Category: Create your own projects   By: jess serif

Hi everyone,

As its coming up to Halloween I thought I’d pop on and share a quick project I created this week with you all.

As a kid my Mum would always throw a Halloween party for me and my friends, even though Halloween wasn't a 'big deal' in the UK back then.

She would always go to town with gruesome food; I have vivid memories of yorkshire puddings dyed green, frankfurters made to look like fingers, blue cupcakes and spaghetti 'worms'!

Even now, when I’m all grown up, Halloween is still my favourite excuse to throw a party. Nowadays there are a lot more themed goodies that you can buy in the shops, but I'd much rather make my party look unique by creating goodies myself!  So naturally, out comes my CraftArtist 2 and a chance to have lots of fun making crafty bits for the buffet table! 

So I thought I’d show you this mini-popcorn box that I made for my Halloween party this weekend, I made it using the rectangular gift box template in the CraftArtist software and have used cupcake and topper templates to showcase some lovely Halloween baked treats (these would be a lovely alternative to the usual sweets for the trick-or-treaters too don’t you think?)

To decorate the templates I used embellishments and sentiments from Hallow's Eve (my own artwork of course!) which is part of the Punches and Stamps collection, and then typed 'Orange' into the digikit search to find suitable orange materials from my list of digikits to complement my designs.

They were all so easy to create – it was all a case of drag and dropping items to my page, printing, assembling and decorating... it really was that simple!

I hope you like my crafts! Don't forget too... we'd love to see some of your Halloween crafts over in the gallery and our facebook page!









New Patch for CraftArtist 2 Professional! Including FREE Border Punches Set!!

Posted: 7th October 2013   Category: DaisyTrail News   By: jess serif


Hi everyone!

We have some fantastic news for you today ... we are very pleased to release a patch for CraftArtist 2 Professional (version! This patch will help solve a variety of bugs in the software and also some improvements!

Further to this, we have added a little freebie to the update too for you! (read on for more info!)

Please see below for an in-depth list of improvements and fixes we've made to the CraftArtist 2 Professional software...


We have made the following fixes to correct stability issues in the software when using the following features…

- Using ‘Copy page’ from the Pages tab.

- Selecting multiple objects in your Layers tab when layer is hidden.

- Using ‘Revert’ from the File menu.

- Resizing objects with a 3D Bump or Pattern Map applied.

- Creating closed curves with the Knife tool.

- Creating a new graphic style from an existing style.

- Using ‘Remove’ in the Swatch section of the Digikit Creator.

Drawing, Painting & Stencilling

We have made the following fixes and improvements to drawing and painting in CraftArtist 2 Professional....

Major improvements…

-  You can now use the Brush tool with much less chance of picking up and editing an existing brush stroke (changing your brush in the process).

- You can now use multiple Stencils on your page at the same time!

- Any newly drawn objects that don't overlap your Stencils are now excluded from the stencil clip.

- You can now use the Brush tool when there is an unused Stencil on your page!

- Background pages should now always snap to size

- Copy and Paste now does not ‘snap’ when it should not.

And some other helpful improvements…

- Using the 3D Pattern Map display no longer gives unusual results with gaps.

- Applying a Blur Filter Effect to an object with high saturation on its fill no longer causes rendering errors.

- Gradient transparencies applied to lines now do not get transformed.

- Rule of Thirds Grid – the ‘Colour’ option on the context toolbar now works effectively!

Loading, saving and exporting your projects

- Saving .pack files that have a space at the end of their file name no longer causes the software to crash.

- Loading a digikit in the Digikit Creator when brushes tab is visible no longer causes the software to crash.

- Using ‘Export as Picture’ to a full USB memory stick no longer creates a 0 byte file with no error message.

- Export as Picture now defaults to last used export folder

- SVG files with Bitmaps now open correctly.

- Improvements have been made on reopening a project that contains Text on a curve.

- SVG images: Import Aspect Ratio improved.

- Saving during solo mode should now not save with extra unintended groups.

and yet MORE fixes and improvements!

- Fixes to the Inflate setting in Cutout Studio.

- Generate palette: Cancel is now much faster!

- ‘Convert to Pictures’ no longer moves an item up in the Layers tab

- You can now deselect a layer once a group has been deleted.

- Improvements to Background layers when changing Page Sizes and Layouts (and then undoing).

- Fill editor 'More Colours' now works.


When installing this patch to your CraftArtist 2 Professional software not only will you benefit from all of the above mentioned but you'll also get 20 fantastic border punches FREE! These have been specially designed to cover almost every occasion so there will be something for everyone!

To install your patch, if you haven't already been prompted to do so in the software, simply click "Help" > "Check for Update from Web" (please note you'll need to have an active internet connection) and follow the on-screen prompts!

Have fun!