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The NEW Punches & Stamps digikits now available in the DaisyTrail shop!

Posted: 8th August 2013   Category: DaisyTrail News   By: jess serif

Hi everyone,

The brand new Punches & Stamps digikits are now available in the DaisyTrail shop!  

However, please be warned…. they’re highly addictive! Before you know it you’ll have been playing for hours, the possibilities with these versatile kits are literally endless! 

As a little introduction to these kits we thought we’d give you a quick demo for any beginners on how to colour the digistamps in these collections .

There are many different ways to colour these stamps, however today I’m going to show you how I personally find it easiest…

1.    First of all add a digistamp of your choice on to your workspace by dragging and dropping from the embellishments tab.

2.   Now, add either a material or use the shapes tool to add a coloured shape to your page – make sure it covers the areas you wish to colour.

3.    Right click your material or shape and click “order items”>”send to back”, you should now see the colour showing through your digistamp which you’ll use as a guide.

4.    With the material or shape still selected click on the eraser icon on your top toolbar.

5.    Erase the areas that you do not wish to colour, don’t worry about being spot on as long as it’s not outside the black line it will colour correctly.

6.    Once finished, click the select icon and click anywhere on your workspace to deselect the item.

7.    You can now repeat this process as many times as needed depending on the complexity of the stamp. Once complete simply select all the items and group the objects.

…Ta-dah! You have a beautifully coloured stamp! It really is that easy!








This particular digistamp can be found in the punches & stamps Lace Market digikit – available in the DaisyTrail shop for just £4.99/$7.49.

Colouring in the digistamps to make unique and individual embellishments is just one use for these kits, you could use the punches to create fantastic effects, using the digistamps with a mask layer, colour in digistamps yourself using a wacom drawing tablet or you the stencils to create your very own effects!

So why not try and make your own creation today with these fabulous kits?!