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The fabulous SteamPunk Collection is here!

Posted: 26th July 2012   Category: DaisyTrail News   By: jogaskin

Hi Everyone,

If you watch Create & Craft, you will have seen the amazing SteamPunk kits air in March. Well, they are now available on DaisyTrail!

Created by our fantastic illustrator, Simon (see picture below), these five kits are a totally different style to our usual digikits – and we absolutely love them! Simon is also the designer that brought you the Victoriana digikit from the Era’s Collection.

The five SteamPunk kits are: Adventures, Book of Curiosities, Inventor, Parlour and Wonder Emporium and you’ll find them in the DT shop priced at £4.99/$7.49 each.

I think you’ll agree that the level of detail in these kits is just breathtaking – take a look at this short video for a little preview;

We really hope you enjoy crafting with these kits!











New summer projects by Angie Hinksman!

Posted: 24th July 2012   Category: Create your own projects   By: jess serif

Hi Everyone,

The sun is finally out, the school holidays are now here and this week the much anticipated sporting games open, dare we say it but summer might finally have arrived! So, in celebration we have asked our amazing designer Angie Hinksman to create some crafts you can all try at home to keep the kids occupied over the holidays!

As usual Angie rose to the challenge and has created a fabulous stepper card and rosette which we think would make great prizes for the kids when holding your own sporting events in the garden or your local park!

This particular project uses the newest DaisyTrail free kit 'Sports Day 2012' which can be downloaded from the 'Free Stuff' area.

To create the stepper card and rosette for your own sports day simply follow the below steps:

Sports Day – Easel Card and Gold Rosette

You will need the following materials:
•    Sports Day 2012 free digikit
•    5 inch square greeting card blank
•    A4 printable cardstock
•    Gold Paper (I’ve used some leftover Christmas Wrap!)
•    Fabric ribbon
•    Craft knife or scissors
•    Small embossing tool or the blunt edge of a kitchen knife
•    Adhesive:  double sided sticky tape, or a glue runner
•    Dimensional glue dots
•    Cutting board and ruler

To create your digital layout:
Step 1: Create a new document in Craft Artist.  Choose Regular then A4 as your page size and layout.

Step 2: Next load the Sport’s Day kit and click ‘add digikit’ to add all of the items to your workspace.

Step 3: Add the ‘Race Track’ background to your layout.  Drag this layout to 'layer 1' in the layers panel so that you can edit the background.  Select the layout and re-size it to a 4 inch square using the transform panel in the bottom right corner.

Step 4: Next, from the embellishments tab, drag one of the racing figure embellishments onto your layout. Resize it and position on top of the Race Track.  Once you are happy with its size and position, make a copy of the figure by first selecting it and then clicking copy and then paste from the Edit menu.  Position this copy of your figure outside of the track (we’ll be cutting it out separately later).

Step 5: Next, create a rectangle which is approximately 3 ½ inches wide and ¾ inch tall (you can check this using the transform panel once again). Give the rectangle a white fill with a black outline using the colour panel then use the line panel to add a 1px line.  This will act as a cutting guide. Select the type tool from the menu and type the phrase “Going for GOLD” inside the rectangle.

Step 6:  Select a material from the materials panel and drag it to your layout.  Resize it to a 4 inch square.

Step 7: To make the rosette centre circles; add a new blank page to your layout by clicking the insert page button at the bottom of your workspace.

Step 8:  Select the 'shape tool' and create a circle (hold down the shift tool as you drag to make a perfect circle).  Using the transform panel, re-size the circle to 2 inches.  Give it a white fill with a black line as before.  Select the type tool and add the words “Well Done!” to the circle.  Next, make a copy of your rosette topper and re-position on your page.  Repeat this for as many rosettes as you would like.

To make the easel card:

Step 1:  Trim your 5 inch card to 4 ½ square. Print out the two layout pages onto card.  Next, cut out the Race Track Layout, the greeting rectangle and the piece of material. 

Step 2: Cut out the second racing figure.  We only need the runner’s outfit, so carefully cut this out (there are 2 pieces, outlined in black) and discard the rest of the figure.

Step 3:  Glue the two outfit pieces to the back of a small piece of gold paper.  Make sure you glue the front sides of the outfit pieces to the back side of the gold paper.  Carefully cut around these shapes.  Next glue these pieces onto your layout, positioning them exactly on top of the figure’s outfit.

Step 4:  Cut a piece of Gold paper and a piece of card both measuring 4 ½ inches wide. Glue the gold paper onto the card. Glue your layout onto this card.

Step 5: Next, fold the top your greeting card in half.  Glue the piece of material to the unfolded piece of the card (on the inside). Glue your layout onto the bottom of the folded part of your card (on the outside). Place your greeting on the centre of your material (using the dimensional glue dots).  This will keep your easel card from falling down!


To make the rosettes:

Step 1:  Cut out the rosette toppers and using one of these as a temple, cut out some plain circles to back your rosettes.

Step 2: Next, if you are using wrapping paper as I have; trim it to the size of an A4 sheet (approx. 11 by 8.5 inches).  Draw lines along the width of your paper every ½ inch.  Fold up this paper, accordion style as shown. Next cut the accordion up into 2 inch pieces.

Step 3:  Take 2 pieces and glue the ends together.  Squash this down as shown and glue a rosette topper in the



Happy Crafting!


Just two weeks left for your chance to win £1,000 of goodies!

Posted: 18th July 2012   Category: DaisyTrail News   By: jess serif

Hi Everyone!

There's less than two weeks left for your chance to win this month's fantastic hamper competition!

We're really excited about this particular competition as it's the biggest prize we've ever offered here on DaisyTrail - with £1,000 of goodies on offer!

So why not enter today?

All you need to do to win this incredible prize is to place a donation on our Just Giving page using your DaisyTrail username* before Tuesday 31st July 2012 at 5pm GMT.

All proceeds go direct to Tommy's, the baby charity so you'll be supporting a great cause too!

For more information on whats included in this fabulous prize click here.

Good Luck!

*Note: To enter without making a donation please email with the subject of your email as ‘Tommy’s Hamper Prize’ and your DaisyTrail Username.

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