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Hybrid Easter Project from Angie

Posted: 30th March 2012   Category: Create your own projects   By: jogaskin

Hi everyone,

Have you thought about making your own Easter cards and gifts this year? Well we've asked Angie Hinksman, one of the designers on our DaisyTrail shop, to get creating some projects to show you. We hope you get inspired to make your own!

Easter Project: Twisted Easel Card and Gift Bag

What you'll need

CraftArtist (any version) - including our free version
The free Easter kit from the Free Stuff page

For the card:

•    1 piece of cardstock measuring 4 ½ x 9 inches
•    1 piece of co-ordinating cardstock measuring 3 ½ x 3 ½  inches
•    1 printed background measuring 4 x 4 inches
•    Printed egg embellishments
•    A small butterfly punch
•    Small pieces of card for punching the butterflies
•    Co-ordinating ribbon
•    Fabric flower
•    Sparkly tiny embellishments (I’ve used flowers)
•    Tiny button

Basic tools:
•    Adhesive – I’ve used a glue roller, glue dots and foam stickers (for dimension)
•    Cutting tools – I’ve used a paper trimmer and scissors
•    A ruler

To create the digital embellishments:
1. Open CraftArtist and create an A4 sized blank project.
2. Load the Happy Easter Kit
3. Select a piece of material and re-size it to 4 ½ x 4 ½ inches
4. Add the Easter Egg embellishment and re-size to approximately 2 inches tall
5. Copy and paste the twice and re-colour the Eggs (I chose yellow and orange)
6. Print out your CA project and cut out your embellishments.


To make the Twisted Easel Card:

1.    Fold the card in half so that you have a basic square-shaped card
2.    Fold on half of the card diagonally (this will create the ‘twist’)
3.    Adhere the patterned square to the right-hand side of the triangle piece of the card

4.    Now make the topper:
a.    Layer the 4 x 4 inch cardstock
b.    Arrange the 3 eggs on the card, using the foam stickers for dimension.
c.    Tie a bow  and add the ribbon
d.    Add other embellishments such as punched butterflies and a flower as you like.

5.    Position the topper at an angle to emphasize the ‘twist’

6.    Finally glue a small button or embellishment centrally, on the bottom of the card. This will stop the card falling down!

To make the gift bag: 
The gift bag couldn’t be easier!

1. Simply create a new project in CraftArtist using the Gift Bag 2 Template as your starting point.
2. Add a background and any embellishments (I’ve just used a label and the word art).
3. Print out the bag, fold and glue.  I’ve also add a ribbon to secure my bag and printed out another egg to use as a label.

So there you have it; a simple Easter Project which is sure to put a smile on a special someone’s face!

Have a great Easter!


WIN! CraftArtist Platinum!

Posted: 26th March 2012   Category: DaisyTrail News   By: jogaskin

Hi everyone!

Spring is here at last!

Summer finally feels like it's on its way here at our Nottingham HQ - so to celebrate we thought it might be nice to see some Spring-themed scrapbook layouts or card designs from our lovely Facebook fans!

To celebrate the fantastic weather, we're giving away a copy of CraftArtist Platinum.

For your chance to win, post a design you’ve created in CraftArtist to our Facebook page with the title ‘Spring’, and a description of what inspired you. You’ve got until Good Friday (6th April) to submit your entry! We look forward to seeing all your designs :)



Tommy's Let's Get Baby Friendly Awards

Posted: 20th March 2012   Category: DaisyTrail News   By: jogaskin

Hi everyone,

A little Tommy's update for you - on Friday, Ash and Clare headed down to London for the annual Let’s Get Baby Friendly Awards hosted by our nominated charity for this year, Tommy's.

The Awards were held at the Landmark Hotel and aim to recognise the amazing efforts of those who have offered vital support to anyone who has suffered pregnancy complications or the loss of a baby. All of the individual winners were an inspiration and we can honestly say there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

You can find out more about the award winners and see photos here.

Our DaisyTrail fundraising total for Tommy's so far is £1,847.46 which is absolutely fantastic! Thank you to everyone that has helped us raise so much in less than three months!

We will continue to do lots of fundraising this year and we’d love you to help us. Here’s how you can get involved:

- Buy our Tommy’s ‘Snugs and Hugs’ digikit for just £2.00/$3.00
- Donate any amount of money on our fundraising page
- Use our Tommy’s Twibbon on your Twitter account
- Upload your scrapbook made using the ‘Snugs and Hugs’ digikit on our Facebook page



VIDEO: Tips & Tricks for beginners using CraftArtist

Posted: 14th March 2012   Category: How to's   By: jogaskin

Hi everyone,

I've decided to make a video for everyone that's new to CraftArtist and needs a few pointers on how to get started using the software.

In this video you'll find tips on:

- Customising your workspace
- Adding items to your page
- Adding, moving and deleting pages
- Aligning and arranging
- How to zoom in and out
- Rotating and flipping
- Grouping items

We are using CraftArtist Professional in this video, but all of the tips and tricks are suitable for every version - including the free CraftArtist Compact on our Free Stuff page.