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Video: How to use DaisyTrail

Posted: 30th January 2012   Category: How to's   By: jogaskin

Hi everyone,

We thought it was about time we made a video to show new and existing members how to find your way around the DaisyTrail website and get the most out of it.

This short video will show you how to:

  • Log in to the site
  • Use the community pages (including the forums and how to subscribe to a thread)
  • Edit your profile (including subscribing to emails, changing your profile picture, emailing another member and checking your order history)
  • Use the gallery and upload your designs
  • Enter the challenges
  • Download a free kit

We hope you like it!




Posted: 27th January 2012   Category: DaisyTrail News   By: jogaskin

...Susan Griffiths-parker!

Congratulations - you have won a copy of CraftArtist Platinum!

We were absolutely amazed with Susan's page - you almost feel like you're in the storm reading the book with her grandson! Fantastic use of the cutout studio too, WELL DONE :-)

Happy Friday everyone,





Tommy's case study - Harriet & Amelia

Posted: 25th January 2012   Category: DaisyTrail News   By: jogaskin

Hi everyone,

We really appreciate all the support we've had from you all so far with our fundraising for Tommy's, we really could not hit our target without you!

To put all the fundraising into context, we thought we'd share with you the story of a family that have been helped by Tommy's.

Harriet & baby AmeliaHarriet Phillips from London went through a very difficult pregnancy with twins five years ago.
After losing one daughter, Liberty, part way through her pregnancy, she was desperate to do everything she could to make sure her second child, Amelia, survived and was born healthy.

Harriet shares her experience of her pregnancy and birth, and the care she received from hospital and Tommy’s staff throughout:

“After trying to get pregnant for four years, I fell pregnant with twins after IVF. It wasn’t an easy pregnancy to start with – a bleeding disorder meant I had to have plasma injections every 3/4 days. However, immediately after my 19 week scan, I saw my consultant.

“He gave me some devastating news – he explained that I was dilated and that my pregnancy would probably not progress.

“As I stood up from the examination bed, my water broke and I was rushed to the labour ward. Doctors told me to expect to give birth to both babies and they wouldn’t survive. One of my girls, Liberty had died. The other, Amelia, was still struggling on.

“After a few days, I still hadn’t laboured and I was in a serious risk of infection. The doctors decided that they would have to inject me with drugs to bring on labour. This would cause both babies to be born, leaving very little chance that Amelia would survive. I insisted they let me try to push Liberty out naturally. I asked them to leave me for 10 minutes to try. With every will and energy I had left, I focused and tried so hard to push her out, and honestly, by some miracle, I managed to do so.

“We spent a few minutes saying goodbye to Liberty.

“I was warned that I would shortly enter labour with Amelia, but a few minutes, then hours, then days passed. This was when I was taken to see Andy Shennan, Tommy’s consultant Obstetrician. He was delighted and amazed to announce that my cervix had closed and it was not visible that I had given birth. It looked like a normal single pregnancy.

"I was moved to the antenatal ward and ordered to stay in the hospital on bedrest. I was still only 19 weeks pregnant, and I knew that I had a long way to go. I was determined to make sure that my much longed-for little girl would survive. Andy Shennan spent a lot of time explaining everything to me (sometimes twice – in my emotional state I frequently forgot what I’d been told). During the rest of the pregnancy, I suffered bleeding, which got heavier as the pregnancy progressed.

“24 weeks pregnant, on Christmas Eve, I started to feel some contractions only to be told that there was a shortage of incubators. I’m not sure if it was fear or something else, but luckily my contractions stopped. At this point, I was given steroids for Amelia’s lungs which eventually meant that when Amelia was born, she didn’t need ventilation – I’m so grateful for this decision.

"The first 24 weeks were bad enough, but it was the weeks between 24-28 that were the most scary. I was told every single day by the doctors what the risks would be and what might go wrong if Amelia was born at that point. I knew that each day meant a lot. 28 weeks came and went – everyone was so pleased with my progress, but I was still bleeding heavily and was terrified.
"At 29 weeks, I felt some more contractions. Amelia’s heart rate was dipping. It was time to get her out.

“I called Andy as he was cycling home for the day – I so wanted him to be the one to do the operation that would bring Amelia into the world.

“He turned right around and came back to St. Thomas’ to deliver my child. Amelia Liberty Hope was born weighing 2lb 6oz and crying and weeing on Andy to thank him for his work.

“After a few months, I could take my baby home. Although it’s not been plain sailing since then (she stopped breathing at a 36 week eye scan – luckily we were already in the hospital), she is now a fully healthy 4 year old.

“I’m so grateful to Andy Shennan and all the staff at the hospital for their remarkable effort throughout my pregnancy. Amelia and I went through so much, and the care they showed us was incredible."

We hope by sharing this story with you, it gives you some idea of what all the money we raise together this year will go towards.

A massive THANK YOU from the whole team at DaisyTrail for all your support so far, and we hope you'll join us in our fundraising throughout this year. If you'd like to donate to Tommy's, you can do so on our fundraising page.

Thanks for reading this far!


Meet the DaisyTrail designers - all of them!

Posted: 23rd January 2012   Category: DaisyTrail News   By: jogaskin

Hello everyone,

We thought it might be about time that you got to see the designers behind the digikits! You've probably seen a couple of them in our newsletters, but here is the whole bunch of smiley, happy people: 

From L-R (top): Leona, Andy, Charlotte; (middle): Simon, Gary, Ian; (bottom): Siobhan, Jay, Charlotte C.

These guys make all of the digikits that we sell on our shop, as well as the Ideal World and Photo Projects kits, PLUS they make all the templates for our other software on They are ALWAYS busy! And what a talented bunch!