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FAQ's: DaisyTrail, CraftArtist and more!

Posted: 22nd November 2011   Category: DaisyTrail News   By: jogaskin

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to highlight this thread by Nannyanne as a fantastic starting point for anyone needing help on the DaisyTrail forums.

You'll find answers to many of the common questions we get asked, for example:

1. Challenges - How do I enter a page into a challenge? ... ANSWER

2. Friends - How do I add a 'Friend' to the list? ... ANSWER

3. Links - How do I add a 'clickable' link to a forum thread? ... ANSWER and Alfred's Clickable Link Maker

4. Mail - How do I send 'Mail' to another Daisytrail member? ... ANSWER

5. Tagline - How do I change the tagline under my DT nickname? ... ANSWER

6. Threads - How do I start a new forum thread/ask a question? ... ANSWER

7. Pack files - what are they and how do I 'open' them in my software? ... ANSWER

8. 'Round' corners - How can I 'round' off the corners of a photo easily? ANSWER

9. Zipped files - The file that I have downloaded is a 'zipped' file how do I 'unpack' it? ...
Answer No.1

You might find the answer you're looking for a lot quicker in this thread than by posting a newone and waiting for replies.


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The Christmas Countdown is on!

Posted: 7th November 2011   Category: Create your own projects   By: jogaskin

Hi everyone!

With only 47 days until Christmas (eeeeeeeek!) we hope you are all starting to think about your plans for festive fun.

We have been planning Christmas festivities for a couple of months now - with magazine spreads and free kits - so it hasn't crept up on us quite as quickly.

I just wanted to get your creative minds working on making some really beautiful Christmas decorations & gift wrapping this year. It's something I always promise I'll get round to - but never quite manage it.

So this year, there's no excuse - even if you only have an A4 printer and can't print off your own wrapping paper or big gift bags, you can still create some fab personal gift tags or fun decorations for the tree.

I'm going to get started on some gift tags - 47 days will fly by!

Just one little request - let us see your creations! We want to see CraftArtist inspired tree decorations and gorgeous personalised gift bags.



DaisyTrail newsletter - now online!

Posted: 7th November 2011   Category: DaisyTrail News   By: jogaskin

Hi everyone,

As you know we recently sent out the DaisyTrail newsletter for October.

Apologies to those who didn't receive it and wanted to. Unfortunately it's just not possible for us to check everyone's email addresses to find out why it wasn't delivered - we have thousands as you can imagine!

So, to make sure nobody misses out, from now on we are going to host the latest newsletter at - you'll find October's sitting there now.

I hope this is ok for everyone, and again, apologies to those who don't receive it.