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About Us

What is DaisyTrail?

DaisyTrail was founded in October 2008 as a free website for scrapbookers and crafters to share their work and meet likeminded people. At the same time, we launched Digital Scrapbook Artist - the first crafting product from Serif. Our mission has always been to provide crafters with a place to meet friends, discuss ideas and get inspiration, and share their work. As a member, you'll be able to download free kits, talk to friendly people and get help if you need it.

Our achievements

In the last couple of years, DaisyTrail and Digital Scrapbook Artist have come a long way. On DaisyTrail, we’ve got thousands of members and have on average over 1,000 scrapbooks uploaded onto the site every week!

Digital Scrapbook Artist has had a fantastic journey too! We’ve developed the software quite a bit over the years, adding extra functionality for all types of craft projects, plus some amazing digikits (hope you agree!). The latest product launch, CraftArtist, has been a product of everything we have learned over the last few years. We’re all looking to the future now, and hoping to bring you new and exciting products over the coming years, including lots of free content, developments to the CraftArtist range and new features on the website. Watch this space!

Meet our Community Managers

Our community managers reside at DT tower!

Meet our mods

These invaluable members are your port of call if you’re in need of advice or assistance.